Friday, August 10, 2007

A Community Of Fellow Bloggers Has Been Found - Thanks BlogHer!

I just this morning decided to join BlogHer after finding a link in one of Dooce's old posts.

What a great site! I was thrilled to find a ton of great blogs to read, especially those of fellow 20-somethings currently experiencing quarter life crises of their own. I really feel like I've just gotten my toes wet when it comes to the online community of bloggers.

How exciting!


Tina Vaziri said...

I found BlogHer through Dooce too. Reading about her life makes me realize how quickly I'll be at her point in life. 20-something is bringing a lot of changes to my life and it's all happening at the same time!

elysa said...

Hey Michelle. I bet you found me (genpink) through BlogHer. BlogHer is a pretty fun place to hang out. And yes to answer your question BlackJack is the font of choice, love it. Nice to "meet" ya fellow twenty somethinger. ps- I make up words.