Wednesday, August 8, 2007

In Case You Were Wondering, They Nicknamed Him Spirit

Since 9/11, this country has been under so many security alerts. It seemed like every day we were told that YES the terrorist threat level was still RED, same as the past 365 days. There have been news stories upon news stories about how it will take you longer to board airplanes now because they'll be screening everything. Then there was the shoe bomb scare. And wait - that mom carrying an infant on her hip - she's carrying a container with an unknown white liquid substance. We mustn't let her on the plane! Well National Security officials, how do you explain how a MONKEY BOARDED AN AIRPLANE INTO THE UNITED STATES WITHOUT ANYONE KNOWING!!

No, this is not a joke. A man boarded a plane in Peru, then Florida, and ultimately landed in LaGuardia airport with a freakin monkey under his hat. How in the world did you not notice a MONKEY. UNDER. HIS. HAT?

Next time you're worried about airport security rummaging through your bags and finding that oh-so-embarrassing item, just remember to throw on your favorite ball cap.

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