Saturday, September 1, 2007

101 Things About Me

I've been inspired to do an about me post. A lot of bloggers that I read daily have done them and I think it's neat to find out what makes you you. So here's what makes me, well... me. (likes. dislikes. fun facts. and other things I probably should keep to myself)

  1. I was born and raised in the northwestern PA town of Erie.
  2. I miss it every day and will probably always think of it as "home".
  3. I recently turned 25 and figuring that my life is pretty much 1/4 over was a depressing thought.
  4. I have one brother, Kyle.
  5. I am the oldest, hence superior.
  6. I have always been a goody-two-shoes.
  7. My brother hated this, and was always finding himself in trouble or grounded.
  8. Despite him having to follow in my [goody-two]shoes we get along pretty well.
  9. Except for that one time he almost lost an eye when he was 3 because I was teaching him how to throw his Snuggle teddy bear up at the light fixture while dancing to music.
  10. It broke the light fixture. The glass shards just missed my brother's iris. Luckily, he was OK, but has to wear glasses the rest of his life (even though his other eye is 20/20).
  11. That was one of the most traumatic experiences from my child hood. I still remember feeling so guilty at 5 years old and looking at myself in the mirror saying "I hate you."
  12. Despite remembering that one incident in detail, I have the worst long-term memory in recorded history. OK, maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's still pretty bad.
  13. I do however, have a superb short-term memory which is how I managed to stay on the dean's list in high school and graduate summa cum laude in college.
  14. I attended a Catholic college & grade school but still managed to turn out a flaming liberal.
  15. It must have been those 4 years of public school.
  16. However I admit I did vote for Bush in 2000, please don't hurt me.
  17. I know I probably shouldn't talk about taboo things like religion and politics, but this is about ME, and I DO.
  18. Although it is usually in fun and not meant to offend or hurt anyone's feelings.
  19. I have never flown on a plane. Seriously.
  20. I hope to someday soon. My dream vacations would include: Ireland, Hawaii, and Paris.
  21. Even though I've never flown; I've still vacationed with family. Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, and Florida to name a few trips.
  22. My heart has been broken before. I hope to never feel that kind of pain again.
  23. I am a graphic designer.
  24. Therefore I am in love with Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator and use them quite frequently.
  25. I also tend to call out fonts whenever I see them. On street signs, billboards, advertisements, etc. I can't help it.
  26. My most hated font would be Comic Sans. Whoever created it should be shot.
  27. I love my Macintosh G4 but rarely use it. PCs have taken over my world -- save me!
  28. I work at a law firm.
  29. This does not mean that I have learned much about law, I am the graphic designer.
  30. I have lived in C-bus for about 2 years and still don't really know my way around.
  31. But, I do have the capability of driving somewhere once and always remembering how to get there again... well, most of the time.
  32. I have a library card and use it quite often.
  33. My favorite reads are the Harry Potter series, anything by James Patterson, Stephen King, and Dan Brown.
  34. The last Harry Potter book made me cry.
  35. Ironically, I'm not embarrassed to admit that.
  36. My parents are divorced and have been since I was in college.
  37. I desperately want a relationship that is the polar opposite of theirs.
  38. They are both great people, but are much happier apart. Secretly, I wish they would have divorced sooner because now I have great relationships with both of them.
  39. My father remarried in 2005 and I now have a step-mother, step-sister, and step-brother.
  40. It's weird, but I don't know my step-siblings that well. I wish that were different.
  41. I still keep in touch with several of my high school friends. Their friendships mean the world to me.
  42. There is one in particular I wish I was still friends with. Her ending our friendship was really disheartening and still bothers me to this day.
  43. This is also true with one of my college friends.
  44. I don't understand why/how people you are so close with can just write you off.
  45. I don't know why I let it bother me.
  46. I tend to do that a lot. Including letting the fact that so many people I know are getting married (or are already) get to me.
  47. I have attended many, but only been in one wedding.
  48. I am afraid it will never be me walking down that aisle.
  49. My dream would be to get married as the sun is setting on a beach, barefoot.
  50. I don't think this will happen since I live nowhere near a beach.
  51. I desperately want to be a domestic goddess.
  52. Making dinner, doing laundry and cleaning oddly bring me a feeling of accomplishment.
  53. I do love relaxing in front of the TV too, don't get me wrong.
  54. In fact that's what I do with most of my free time.
  55. I love watching TLC and all those home improvement shows.
  56. I also admit to watching A Baby Story quite often when I was home during the day.
  57. Some of my favorite shows include Sex & the City (duh), Reba, Still Standing, Grey's Anatomy, So You Think You Can Dance, Everybody Loves Raymond, House, Six Feet Under, Dawson's Creek, and many more.
  58. That list could probably go on for days.
  59. Music has a way of lifting my spirits that I have yet to experience with anything else.
  60. Country music has quite literally taken over my life recently. Although I do appreciate most other genres as well.
  61. Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, and Keith Urban are my all-time country favorites.
  62. Other loves are John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Joshua Radin, Ani DiFranco, James Blunt, Mariah Carey, Ben Harper, the Beatles, and Modest Mouse.
  63. Again, this list could go on for days.
  64. My favorite food is cheesecake, any kind. It is orgasmic.
  65. Oddly enough, I enjoy the Cheesecake Factory.
  66. I am a VERY picky eater and have been my whole life. I blame this on my mother making tuna noodle casserole on a weekly basis.
  67. Some of my aversions are: tuna fish, peas, onions, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, and sauerkraut to name a few.
  68. Eating a lot of fresh pineapple makes my tongue feel hairy.
  69. Silverfish creep me out. They are those bugs that come out of water drains and have millions of legs. I literally cried when I saw one once.
  70. Finding Nemo is my favorite movie.
  71. I even own a large stuffed Squirt (the baby sea turtle).
  72. You could say I have a [minor] purse & shoe obsession. Or shopping obsession in general. You decide.
  73. I tend to rent chic flicks. Usually where someone gets dumped, mopes about it, but then finds love in the end.
  74. Scary movies have grown on me, but I'll only watch them when I have someone to shield my eyes from the scary parts!
  75. I have two cats. Holly and Margot.
  76. They are wonderful pets and always put a smile on my face.
  77. My first pet was a guinea pig named Penelope. I also had a Beta fish that attacked itself to death.
  78. I was 16 when I got my first job at Kids R Us.
  79. I stayed with the company until it went out of business in 2004 and then worked at Babies R Us until I found a job in my field.
  80. My first graphic design job was at World Gym Columbus.
  81. I liked it there at first, but slowly it became a not so fun place to work.
  82. What else? Oh, I love scrapbooking. It's been so long since I have done it, but that will soon change with all of my free time on the weekends.
  83. I also love photography. I took a class in college and would LOVE to get into it again. I'm saving up for a DSLR camera as we speak.
  84. Computer games used to occupy a lot of my time growing up.
  85. I much preferred being inside to the great outdoors. That hasn't really changed.
  86. I owned so many different versions of the Sims it was disgusting. I recently caved and bought Sims2, but have yet to play it. Maybe the novelty has worn off.
  87. I can't sew for the life of me even though my mother has tried and tried to teach me. I even have a sewing kit she gave me as a gift.
  88. I love looking at the stars. In my high school we had a planetarium to look at constellations and that was my favorite class.
  89. My least favorite was probably swim class. I'm not a terrible swimmer or anything but I had it last period the beginning of freshman year and my hair would freeze when I walked to the bus.
  90. Speaking of cold weather, it bugs me when people can't drive in the snow.
  91. I am always cold. For this reason I always want to snuggle, but I radiate so much heat that no one ever wants to for long.
  92. I used to play piano. I quit after a year.
  93. I used to be in girl scouts. I quit that after a year as well.
  94. I almost failed gym class in high school. This caused me a lot of unneeded stress. I don't understand why being able to do 100 sit-ups is so damn important to life.
  95. I managed to wind up with a B. This made me so mad because it brought down my GPA.
  96. I wear contacts. I also have glasses but think I look terrible wearing them.
  97. I sing off key, but my favorite thing to do is sing along to the radio in the car.
  98. I am allergic to EVERYTHING (or so it seems). Claritin is my saving grace.
  99. The summer before high school my best friend and I stood in line for two hours at Hills to meet "Mike" from Days of Our Lives.
  100. We also used to be OBSESSED with the soap opera Passions on NBC.
  101. This blog is my therapy. My place to vent. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


PL said...

Yay to Baby Story, Nemo, and Passions! Of course Passions back when Miguel and Charity first got together. He was HOT. I think I was in jr. high or high school then. I also have a Finding Nemo plush (along with a Squirt Pen, lithographs, and the DVD, omg how old am I??), but of Nemo, and B does a deep Spanish man voice for him, haha, TMI? I'm sad they don't do Dating Story at all anymore and only occasionally Wedding Story :(

Princess Pointful said...

Love the new layout! The new picture is deliciously cheeky ;)

Haha, I had the exact same problem with PE totally quashing my GPA in high school.
I heart Six Feet Under. I'm just in Season 5 and crushed it is almost over. I, too, heart Ben Harper, and I am also crushed because his show here just sold out in a weekend!

alyndabear said...

This is fantastic! Love 100 things.. helps you feel like you really get to know a person! :)

And there are so many things that are alike about us too.. I'm in love with all your TV shows, most of your music, I HATE tomatoes, I played piano, I miss a lot of my old friends that disappear, I wore glasses but hated how I looked... I could go on and on!

And I added you on Bloglines, so yay!

Tina Vaziri said...

So funny! Your number 91 is me, exactly. My boyfriend and I always have perfectly opposite body temperatures.

WSG said...

Re #67: I once had a screaming attack and ended up curled in the fetal position crying on the phone with my dad over a centipede in my bathtub. So you're not alone. All those legs moving so fast, so CREEPY.

molly said...

I love your list!

libby said...

we've got so much in common!!! squeee!

elysa said...

I have seen so many 101 things lists around and I want to do one just haven't had the time. I also want to do the 1001 things in 100 days (? something like that).

Your list just might have given me the push to make my 101 things list. I have some things already listed on my myspace.

Don't hate me but I can't drive in the snow - I live in Texas, there is no snow here

L Sass said...

I have a very good high school friend who completely let the friendship drop, too. It's been years, but it still eats at me whenever I think about it!

Miriam said...


Uncross the last part. You can still love life b/c we love you!

might I add...? said...

Thanks for posting a link back to this. I love reading's a great way to find out a lot about a person in a short amount of time.

I'm so jealous that you had a planetarium in high school. That is so amazing.

Mmm...cheesecake...I think I'm hungry! I'm oddly attracted to Cheesecake Factory, although I'm not sure why. I've never eaten there, but I like the look of the outside of their buildings. Very eastern looking. Arabic, maybe?

I am always cold, too. I always want to snuggle in this type of weather, but my hands and feet are so cold that everyone always screams when I touch them (everyone being my husband at this point in time).

I used to hate how I looked in glasses, so much that I convinced my parents to pay for contacts when I was thirteen, and I only wore them until I started working with computers in college and found I couldn't read the screen as well with contacts. And now, I prefer glasses, go figure, I never thought that might happen. But they're much lighterweight now, and cooler looking.

Lauren said...

#s 26 & too!!
Well I don't say the fonts out loud, I say them in my head. Sometimes I'll say it out loud and people just look at me funny.

And I really hate comic sans too!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I love your blog!!!! I go to school in the city but I'm home for summer and reading your blog makes me want to go back!!

gourav kumar said...

hi8 dear hw r you . i like this blog. missiimg you alwyas,
i m from INDIA