Monday, September 3, 2007


Well it's Labor Day, but I'm hard at work:

  • The trim in the office is down.

  • The border in the office is 90% removed.

  • I have wallpaper remover gel on my clothes.

  • Dust is in my hair.

  • The shopvac is ready to attack.

  • Operation::Renovation has officially begun.

I swear wallpaper border has taken over every! room! upstairs! What were these people thinking?!

Here are some before pictures to share with you, but you're not allowed to judge me on the lack of decor. We're waiting on all these renovation projects to be completed first!! (I will post some "during" photos too as we get further along):

The Office (we're tackling this room first):

Guest Bedroom #1 (crazy yellow paint! and Pooh Bear border soon to be defeated!!)

Guest Bathroom (what do you know...more border! and horribly patched holes where they RIPPED the towel bar out of the wall.)

Guest Bedroom #2 (which is currently the dogs' room hence the doggie pillow. more hideous wallpaper to tackle)

Master Bedroom (more yummy! floral! border!)

Master Bathroom (Yes those are PINK walls)

I better get to that 10% of the border left in the office before Clancy gets home from work! Enjoy your Labor Day everyone!


alyndabear said...

Wallpaper, argh! ;) I actually like that sunny yellow room.. maybe because I'd never be game enough to actually paint a room myself that colour.

Tina Vaziri said...

Labor day weekend was the perfect time for renovation! I loved it!

One Hundred Eighty Degrees said...

Our last house had border wallpaper EVERYWHERE so I completely understand. :) Renovation is fun, though.

onebigholiday said...

Wow, that is a lot of border wallpaper....good luck!.....

molly said...

I've been putting off the major painting. Good luck!

And PS- If you want to jump on the workout train with me I think that would be awesome!

libby said...

GAH! wallpaper border!!! can't wait to see the finished product!!

Michelle said...

WOW. When we moved in to our house last fall, I thought we had it bad--but you've out wallpapered, out pinked and out yellowed us.... GOOD LUCK!

You'll be so glad you took pictures during the whole thing--makes being finished SO MUCH more worth it!!

Can't wait to see the progress.

DG said...

Do you and your boyfriend own a house together? I am looking at your pictuires and suddenly have a craving to watch HGTV.

sweetanemone said...

ohhhh wow, lots of work, but so much fun! i can't wait to see progress piccies miss michelle!

Michelle said...

dg - it's actually his house. he bought it about the time we started dating. i'm just "free labor". lol :)