Friday, August 31, 2007


Warning: This post is not intended to offend anyone. I respect a person's religious beliefs no matter what they are. It's the hippie liberal in me.

Clancy and I were lounging for a little while after dinner last night watching TV. A commercial came on about Kosher food. It showed an illustration diagram of a cow the front half was labeled "Kosher" and the back half "Non-Kosher".

Me: "So what does Kosher mean anyways and why is the butt-half of the cow considered non-Kosher?"

C: "I thought Kosher had something to do with the way the meat was processed, but I'm not really sure why that half of the cow wouldn't be Kosher and the other half would."

C: "You know I saw a symbol once and I was curious what it meant so I looked it up. It's a U with a circle around it and the letters p-a-r-e-v-e after it. It means that the food was blessed by a rabbi. It's on a lot of products, too, you'd be surprised."

Me: "I don't want to eat blessed food. So I have been unknowingly eating blessed food?"

C: "Well you know we could become Agnostitarians and only eat non-blessed food. I bet we could get a huge following behind us."


WSG said...

Actually it doesn't mean it's been blessed, just that it's approved by the Orthodox Union for consumption by observant Jews. Only kosher meat has actually been 'blessed,' inasmuch as blessings were said before slaughter. So your agnostitarianism is safe :).

alyndabear said...

I know absolutely nothing about Kosher food anyway, so who's the ignorant one now?

(I am Aussie though, so I'm not completely stupid. Just.. over the water.)

libby said...

hmm. interesting! i've never noticed it before, but i bet my eye will always catch it now! said...

I went to a mainly Jewish college, so I happen to know an insane amount about kosher foods without being Jewish. I think you guys should have agnostiterian ceremonies to UNbless food. I could totally get into that. :)

Anonymous said...

"PAREVE" means that this Item is Non-Dairy and Non-Meat, If the product has a trace of Meat or Milk it canno't be "Pareve" (this is very helpful for people who are lactose intolerent etc,)