Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sorry, That's Not Funny

Lately there are so many shows on tv reeling in viewers by giving contestants the chance at one millions dollars. It all started with Regis, that funny, funny (exceptionally annoying) man. But when does anybody ever actually win the money? I can accurately say, after watching oh so many of these shows (and subsequently making my loving boyfriend -sorry babe!- watch many hours of Deal or no Deal) - slim to none.

This may soon be over with the premiere tonight of Power of 10. Hosted by one of my all-time favorite (and not so annoying) celebrities, Drew Carey. I literally used to be obsessed with the Drew Carey show back in the day. God Mimi was a freak show. Anyways... in the show's first episode their 19 year old contestant walked away with a million dollars! Put that in your pipe and smoke it CBS execs. Didn't see that one coming did ya?

To sum up the show just a little: the contestant is trying to win 10 million dollars. First question is worth 1,000 then increased by The Power of 10 each time, last question worth 10 million (5 total for those of you who hate math). A sample question - What percentage of Americans color coordinate their underwear with their outfit? The contestant then tries to guess the percentage, but is given a range that the answer could fall between (within 40 the first time and narrows by 10 each time). It sounds confusing, but it's funny.

Highlights of the night:

1. Question: How many men say that their partners have a nickname for their private parts? Drew Carey: "My girlfriend has one for mine, Oh Him Again."

2. Question: How many women consider themselves to be a feminist? Drew Carey: "How many feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One - sorry that's not funny."

3. The contestant is waiting to see if he correctly guessed the million dollar question. Drew points out that his mother told him to go for the million while his father said walk away with $100,000. Contestant: "Oh they're divorced already, don't worry about it."

4. Question: What percentage of women would put a GPS tracking system on their significant other if they could do so without their knowledge? Answer: 19%. Later question: What percentage of women have changed a flat tire? Answer: 50%. You all are big fat liars! ;-)

5. It's down to the last (10 million dollar) question: Drew Carey says "Yeah we really didn't think we would give away a million dollars tonight; we didn't even rehearse this segment of the show - so I'm just gonna wing it."

Hilarious. God I love tv.

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