Friday, August 10, 2007

What I Like About You - You Keep Me Warm At Night

Why I'm convinced I am dating the best man on the planet:

  • He hates sports even more than I do.

    You're wondering how this is possible I'm sure. I know, it defies the laws of physics. A man that hates sports - are you sure he's a man at all you ask? Yes - TRUST ME - he's one hell of a man. And you may wonder if two people who hate OSU can even live in the same zip code. I know it doesn't seem logical, but yes it happens even here in Buckeye Country.

  • We've had the same 6 pack of beer in our fridge for weeks and only 2 are missing.

    He's not your typical beer chugging, can crushing frat boy and god do I love that. We have fun in our own ways, why drink beer? And when we do drink, we don't mess around - where's the vodka?

  • He doesn't think guys should have "girl" friends.

    Um, hello? Did this come out of a man's mouth? I am so glad that I know the guy who admitted that platonic male/female relationships are hard to come by unless one or both people are related, married, or have known each other since before they thought about sex (and even then it's still iffy). Secretly I'm just glad he doesn't hang around unnecessary ginormous jugs.

  • He's Tim the Toolman Taylor & Lance Armstrong rolled into one.

    This boy rides and is passionate about it. Hearing him talk about what it was like to ride at night was like hearing him talk about the best orgasm he's ever experienced (not that we've talked about that - hmm I hope it was with me). He doesn't just ride, but knows bikes inside and out. It's so great to see him working on bikes and knowing how happy it makes him warms my insides. Now as for the Toolman part, he's a regular Mr. Fix-it. Show him once how something works and he'll remember it for the rest of his life. He's fixed so many things around the house like second-nature and I look at him in amazement saying "Babe, how in the hell did you know how to do that?" His response is always, "Oh, this is actually my first time attempting to (change a light fixture/rewire electricity/fix a screen door/change a faucet/put in cabinets) but I saw my dad do it when I was younger and I remember how." He is a god.

  • He knows what an iron is and knows how to use it.

    Seriously, this guy can iron with the best of 'em. Sometimes I even pass off my ironing because he's so good at it. But really, I'm just glad to be dating someone who doesn't mind sharing the daily chore list. Sometimes we slack, but neither one of us are afraid to wash a dish or get out the vacuum.

  • He gets more questions right than me on Jeopardy.

    I swear he is a Mr. Know-it-all. Where all those sports stats would normally be stored in a man's brain, he has stored the most RANDOM things you can imagine. He even used this extra knowledge to score some points with me early on in our relationship. "This man knows art!?! Are you kidding me? Can I have his babies?" His genius is a running joke between us, me usually being the butt of the joke. "Oh, remember that one time you were right?" And I'm never right about anything important - no, the last time it was Blockbuster's Late Fee Policy. And I graduated with honors from college people, I'm no dumbass.

  • Behind all that alpha-male lies a sweetheart deep down inside.

    You may wonder why I started writing this as the topic of my blog today. Well, I was looking for something in the night table beside the bed when I got home from work(I'm leaving out the name of the object to save myself some embarrassment - but for those of you who I know can relate, all I will say is it takes 2 AA's). In the back of the drawer I came across the movie ticket stub from our first date. How freaking adorable? It warmed my heart to know that he kept that after this long. Lately, I've been worried about his feelings for me. When you've been dating someone for awhile things just aren't the same as that initial lusting for each other. Me, being the most insecure person in the world, takes it to mean "Oh my god he must not love me anymore." But then he'll do something like he did the other night in bed that makes all my fears disappear. I laid my arm across his chest to snuggle closer to him and he gently picked up my hand and kissed my wrist ever so softly as if to say "Good night, love of my life."

I can only smile as I write this knowing that soon I can put my arms around him again and kiss his sweet lips.


Denise said...

Very sweet. Does he blog? :-)

Michelle said...

No. For as much as he loves computers and being online I'm surprised he doesn't. Myspace is the extent of his online social networking. :)

sweetanemone said...

ohh, where do i find one?! :)

just found you via your post at blog-her, i am also a 20-something blogger, nice to meet you!


onebigholiday said...

aww your list was so great!

Princess Pointful said...

He does sound like the greatest guy ever.

How I know mine is the guy for me? He thinks watching documentaries is a great default plan, too.
Ahhhh, geek love!