Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eighteen Days & Counting...

...until I leave for sunny Florida! West Palm Beach to be exact. I am more than thrilled about this upcoming vacation. We originally planned for a 4 day weekend in Hilton Head to celebrate my friend Heather's birthday, but another friend of mine had connections and we ended up booking a timeshare for an ENTIRE WEEK for under $200!

Rough economy - travel & lodging for under $200 + 7 friends to split everything else with = Michelle still going on vacation!

At a development meeting Heather and I attended last week, it was brought to our attention that we need a theme for our vacation. Thought I'd share with you guys what's in the mix:

  • Pimpin' in the Palms '09
  • How I Met Your Father
  • Hoes Before Bros: WPB Style
  • We WILL Shake Our Tail Feathers
  • Tequila & Triangle Tops Hellz Yeah
  • 8 Girls Sure Can Pimp Out a Mini Van
  • West Palm Biotches: We're a "Shore" Thing
Hilarious, right? Feel free to throw out your ideas, I know how creative you guys are! The best part? I'm planning on getting tank tops made once we decide. They're going to be so surprised*.

This vacation has been all I can think about lately, as you can probably tell from my tweets, Facebook status messages, new bathing suit and sundress purchases, increased workouts and well, this post. I will be pinching myself until I'm actually on the plane! Have any of you ever been to West Palm Beach? Any nightlife suggestions or other must-sees?

Yes, I bought 2 of the same dress in different colors. How could you not for $10.50? Thank you, Forever 21.

*You know, if I actually design them in time.


Anonymous said...

i am notorious for buying the same top or dress in 2 or 3 different colors...if you find something you like, might as well scoop up a few colors :)
have fun on your vacation...i like "How I Met Your Father" the best!

Anonymous said...


"As much fun as you can have in a place where Peter isn't."

Anonymous said...

Pretty new purchases! I especially like the red and white printed dress and the adorable bikini. C: Have fun in Florida!

- newest fan.

Virginia said...

Cute dresses!! I admit that I've bought items in multiple colors as well...dresses, shirts, shoes, you name it, I probably have another version of it somewhere in my closet. But if it works, it works, right?

I think I like the HIMYF theme the best, but maybe that's because I seriously love that show haha.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo!! i love vacations :) And dresses that are 10.50. You can do no wrong there--plus they're super cute!

We must catch up before we all go off on our vacations! I leave in 10 days for my first one.

PS I'm loving the How I Met Your Father one although that may have to involve one of you getting pregnant....hehe

Anonymous said...

haha, I love HIMYF! But I think Pimpin' in the Palms '09 might look best on a shirt.

k said...

yay for vacation! i'm jealous!

Katelin said...

haha i think i have those dresses from F21 too, i love them, and definitely buy them in more than one color. but seriously love the theme ideas too, so funny! and i'm so excited for you, woo vacation!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the outfits! you're getting me excited for Cuba!!!!!

Passionista said...

I've been to West Palm Beach probably too many times already, well only twice but over a span of 10 months. Anyhoo, they have a downtown area called City Center or something and all the nightlife is there. I really liked Blue Martini on Thurs night I think it was packed. We went again on Sunday and it was dead but still fun. There is also a place right next door, more of a sports bar-ish place but the crab cakes are to die for! Have fun and take pics!

La Petite Belle said...

i'm so jealous!