Thursday, January 3, 2008

Never Have I Ever

I know it's normally a drinking game but it makes for great blog fodder, right? If you really want to take a shot for every one on my list that you have done feel free. Kamikaze would be my shot of choice, but really it's up to you. I fully support the indulgence of alcohol. (As long as you're not at work or operating a vehicle. Ahem.)

I'll go first... never have I ever:

  • Travelled outside of the United States/Canada. This will be the first thing I do when I win the lottery (or save up enough money). My top choice would be Ireland but France, Australia, Italy, and Greece are right up there.
  • Asked a guy out on a date. I'm a tad scared of making the first move. If he's interested, he'll pursue me [I hope].
  • Went skydiving, cliff jumping, hang gliding or anything remotely risky.
    This will soon change. I'm going to start small and learn to ski or snowboard. Then go jet skiing. Eventually I will skydive with Anna because I promised. It might not be until we're 85, but hell I'm going to do it.
  • Had a threesome. I think I'd like to keep this one on my never have I ever list. Sharing my partner has never been something I wanted to do. Hello, if he's that great in bed I'll keep him for myself thank you very much.
  • Been arrested. If I ever was I'd better be sharing a cell with my crazy other half Sarah. Because, hell, it probably would've been worth it!
  • Broken a bone. Knock. on. wood.
  • Gotten a speeding ticket. Again with the wood knocking.
  • Shoplifted. I was always a goody two shoes. Surprised?
  • Completed a cartwheel. But man have I tried.
  • Mooned or flashed anyone.
  • Gotten a tattoo. Also soon to change. This summer! I think I'm going to design my own. They have hypoallergenic inks right? Because this girl is allergic to everything!
  • Beaten Peter or Miriam in Scrabulous. Dammit. They're good.
  • Failed a class. Actually I've never gotten anything but A's or B's my entire academic career. I was sort of anal about my grades.
  • Done a shot of Jagermeister. No matter how hard my friends try. Won't happen.
Your turn!
1.) Claim one of my "nevers" that you have done.
2.) Never have you ever ___________ ?

And if I have done it, I will admit to it in the comments. Should be fun!


Jess said...

1) I used to always get to check off that "never broken a bone" box until I fell down a flight of stairs in college (SOBER) and broke my TAILBONE. Let me tell you that if you are going to pick a bone to break, it should not be the tailbone. It is incredibly painful, especially sitting down, and did you know that when you stand up, you use the muscles around your tailbone? So if it's broken and you contract your muscles, the tailbone gets squeezed and it feels like it's being broken again. The plus side is that your arms get really strong because you put all your weight on them while changing position to avoid hurting yourself. And also I went to Ireland a week later and had to spend seven hours in a plane, sitting on my broken tailbone. Oh, it hurt so much.

Anyway. Ahem. That was a slightly longer answer than I had planned.

2) Never have I ever gotten drunk enough to puke.

Hazel said...

i've only done three of the things you've never done. can you guess which? ;)

never have I ever smoked a cigarette. not even one puff!

Spunk said...

Okay. I've shoplifted. I stole a karma ring when I was 16. It was for luck. It broke the next day. You know what that means. I haven't shoplifted since.

I also have done a shot of Jagermeister. It was my favorite for about three months. Most fantastic shot until you over do it a bit. You should really try it.

I have never dyed my hair. :-)

Susie said...

I'm with you on every single thing on your list, except I have traveled out of the country several times, and I've done shots of jagermeister (it's good!).

Never have I ever seen any Star Wars movies. And I'm not interested at all. I have a longg list of movies I haven't seen that people yell at me for. Oops!

Rebecca said...

you are a good girl! I can't wait to hear some of the bad things you have done in the comment section.

I have travelled outside of the US, asked a guy out, broken a bone (4 toes and a wrist!), cartwheeled, and mooned people.

Never have I ever gone skinnydeeping!

Le Petit Chic said...

1. I have travelled outside of the United States. I lived in Germany for four years and travelled alot while over there. I've actually never been to Canada though!

2. Never have I ever kissed a guy with a tongue ring. I always wanted to, but never found one! And now unless my husband decides to put his back in (he had one way before I ever met him), I'll never get the chance.

dreamgirl said...

LOVE it!
i have never gotten a speeding ticket or gotten a tattoo or been arrested (though close)....

things i have done from your list: traveled outside the US (only to Cancun & jamaica), went skydiving (twice - awesome!), did a cartwheel (or 100000), done many a shot of jager!

Valerie said...

I have . . . been arrested :( When I was 18 for underage consumption and open container.

Never have I ever . . . eaten lamb.

Nic said...

I haven't done anything remotely risky, had a threesome, been arrested, shoplifted, completed a cartwheerl, gotten a tattoo or done a shot of jager. I've also never done an illegal drug, consumed an entire beer, used a fake ID, danced in the rain, or used a Ouija board.

JulyBug said...

First off, awesome post.

I have broken a bone. I managed to crack my elbow while crowd surfing at concert on Halloween night when I was 18 (I'm so ashamed). Have you been to an ER in NYC on Halloween? I was literally sandwiched between a drag queen dressed as Little Bo Peep and a a drag queen dressed as a mermaid. Plus my doctor had on angel wings.

Never have I ever missed a flight.

Michelle said...

ok here come the confessions:

jess - i have definitely been drunk enough to puke. on more than one occasion. probably too many to count.

hazel - i recently took up this bad habit. tisk, tisk i know. but only when i drink. and only sometimes the whole cigarette. and i would guess: asked a guy out, done a cartwheel, and travelled outside the US. am i right?

spunk - i just dyed my hair for the first time a few months ago. it's addicting!

susie - still not trying jager ;). and i haven't seen star wars either. who cares right?

rebecca - ok, guilty. i have definitely skinny dipped.

le petit chic - not a GUY but i have kissed a girl with a tongue ring.

dreamgrl - 100,000 cartwheels? damn woman. ;)

valerie - i tried lamb once. never again. yuck.

nic - i have used a ouija board, smoked pot, drank an entire beer, and danced in the rain. i've never used a fake ID though.

julybug - that sounds like an interesting ER trip. i have never missed a flight either but considering i've only flown once that's not saying much.

keep 'em coming people! the juicier the better. this is fun :)

Who? Me? said...

I have done 9 of the things on your list. But you'll have to speak with me to determine which.

Never have I ever had a one night stand.

DG said...

Well I once smelled some jager and immediately decided I would never shoot it unless it was a life or death situation. So I'm with you girl!

Ripe for Reading said...

I have traveled outside of the US/Canada a number of times and done some of the other things you list too--asked a guy on a date, broke a bone, got a speeding ticket, completed a cartwheel, mooned and flashed, failed a class (I'm not proud and I retook it and passed), and did Jagermeister...

But never have you ever peed publicly (hopefully while intoxicated and not sober!)

Or hopefully you never have!

courtney said...

I have a tattoo! (and I've been to mexico, and i've been pulled over for speeding once or twice or three times --only one ticket though--but those are not as fun)

Never have I ever dated someone for more than two months. (not always by choice...:))

Marriage-101 said...

I've been to Mexico, asked a guy out, shoplifted (by accident), gotten a speeding ticket, done a shot of the JM, mooned people, and broke a bone.

I also have never ever gotten a tattoo (and won't). Nor have I never ridden a motorcycle or attempted surfing or scubadiving. Am not a daredevil.

Anonymous said...

love this post!

Ok, I have been to France and Mexico, I've broken my pinky toe 3x and my pinky finger once, flashed some folks, and done Jagermeister (on one too many occasions - actually twice is one too many occasions with Jager).

Never have I ever...had sex in a public place.

Anonymous said...

p.s. what kind of tattoo are you going to get?

alyndabear said...

I will definitely play along, but there is no alcohol in this house so it'll be sober. ;)

I HAVE travelled outside of my home. And I WILL be travelling to the United States, does that count?

I HAVE asked a guy out on a date. It was Jason. Does that still count?

I HAVE been bungy jumping, canyong swinging and white water rafting. Haven't gone skydiving yet though.

I HAVE broken bones. A few in fact!

That's it for me. I'll blog about it in a few days, so stalk me later! :P

Anonymous said...

I have gotten a tattoo and a bunch of other things on that list but that is a conversation for a different time :).

Never have I ever gotten a facial. They sound like they are great for your skin but never tried it.

The Casual Perfectionist said...

I've successfully completed six items on your list. ;) I'll let you ponder which ones, because a lady never tells. (HA! And, Jager used to be one of my shots of choice. Mmmmmmmm. It's been a while, though.)

Maxie said...

There are WAY too many of these that I have done... so I'll just pick one to save myself embarrassment, lol.

I have gotten a speeding ticket. Several. Worst one was 95 in a 55 :-(
My driving used to be a tad bit out of control.

Never have I ever... played Scrabulous... which i'm about to try out right now.

Also... never have I ever had escargot.

Michelle said...

who? me? (kari) - i have had a one night stand. don't judge now. it only happened ONCE and i was damn heartbroken at the time. (and had a lot of alcohol in my system)

DG - glad someone else agrees!

ripe for reading - does the woods count? i peed outside one time when we were camping. lol

courtney - yeah i think we're opposites in that regard. i have had a 3 long term relationships. one for 5 almost 6 years. one for 2. and one for a little over a year.

marriage-101 - i have never ridden a motorcycle either. i may have to try that though.

pb&razz - guilty! i've had sex in a few public places actually. all when i was young and daring though ;). and for my tattoo i was thinking about a claddagh ring or something else irish.

alynda - oh they all count! and you are adventurous, woman!

ttcmb - i've never gotten a facial either. i've heard you can break out from them really badly.

TCP - hmmm. you'll keep me wondering i guess. haha.

maxie - you should! scrabulous is fun. i have never eaten escargot either. i'm not much of a risk taker in the food department.

The Ex said...

I have broken a bone. Two actually. My foot in third grade falling off the monkey bars and the OTHER foot falling off one step in front of my house.

Basically, I suck at all physical activity. Including walking.

Never have I ever...done anything for Spring Break (like a trip or whatever.)

nicoleantoinette said...

Haha, I used to LOVE this game. Although I've done a lot and always lose/wind up SO DRUNK. Like if I were playing with you? I'd be drunk. Because I've done 8 of the things on your list!

Hmm never have I ever: had a crush on a professor.

Slightly Disorganized said...

never have i ever been arrested either.

never have i ever beaten peter either.

never have I ever had a DRUNK one night stand. I always seem to be relatively sober, not that I have had many.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on never traveling outside of the US/Canada, skydiving, threesome, arrested, broken bone, shoplifting, tattoo, grades...I've NEVER gotten a C. I would have cried.

I HAVE asked a guy out (pretty liberating), gotten 2 speeding tickets, cartwheeled (I used to be a gymnast), mooned AND flashed people, and done many shots of jager.

Never have I ever...gone streaking.

Eve said...

I can't cartwheel either. So frustrating!

And Mexico's not that expensive...

Stephanie said...

Never have I ever....smoked a cigarette (or anything for that matter!).

Can you believe it!?

Michelle said...

the ex - me either! bummer :(

nicoleantoinette - i definitely did. my junior year in high school. he was actually our teacher's assistant but he was damn gorgeous. the only bald man i've ever found attractive. but he was bald on his own terms! lol

SD - no fair. you knew i was drunk ;)

chasingparadise - i've never gone streaking either. it gets too cold around here ;) lol

eve - isn't it frusterating?! gah!

stephanie - i'm guilty. cigarettes among other things.

Jamie Lovely said...

I've never been arrested, broken a bone, or been outside the US either, had a threesome (I don't share either!).

I've also never seen the Notebook. A crime according to most women who have heard that.

I have got a speeding ticket, like 5 miles over and the cop was mean and made me cry :(

ana said...

Never have I ever been
have shoplifted, or
Had a threesome.

Other than that I've done everything else on your list.

Never have I ever had a one night stand.

k said...

i broke my arm twice, within a year of each other. both rather random accidents involving a soccer ball and then falling off a bike while standing still. both times i refused to believe that i had done anything to hurt myself, finished off the rest of the soccer game and riding over 16 miles, before seeking medical attention.

never have i ever ridden on a motorcycle. they scare me!!

Virginia said...

My favorite game! I also have never broken a bone, gotten a speeding ticket, or gotten worse than a B on my report card. Weeeird.

Also, never have I ever eaten sushi. It just looks gross. And never have I ever smoked a cigarette, though I have smoked other things...ummm...

Deutlich said...

1) I have had a threesome. It was actually the last time I had sex. It's a fun story which I will be sharing through my blog at some point or another.

2) Never have I ever had a job that I just love, love, loved.

Katelin said...

Haha, man I love this game.

I have gone skydiving and it was amazing. I've also broken by right arm twice...takes talent to do that.

But never have I ever gone to a nude beach.

AlieMalie said...

i've traveled out of the US and Canada and highly recommend it - LOTS. as for asking a guy out on a date, i hadn't done that 'til last month and let me tell you, i wish i could say that it was easy but i was scared out of my everliving mind and am still frightened to try it again. OMG! and those speeding tickets you've never gotten? i'll just go ahead and claim them - the state of TX tried to revoke my license because of the sheer number that i've gotten - ALL for speeding, no other violations on my record, EVER. and don't ever do the Jager. NOT WORTH IT. EVER. i'm gagging here just at the mention of it.

anyway, i've never owned a tv. crazy, eh? 25 and never had one my entire life.

love your blog and have been reading for a few months but this is the first comment.

hope 2008 is nothing but wonderful for you. :)

A Margarita said...

I have beaten Miriam in Scrabulous!

Never have I gotten chicken pox.

mcgee said...

Love the list. What a great idea!

I HAVE: traveled outside the US (France, Italy, UK), shoplifted (I know, I know), gotten a speeding ticket and done a shot of Jagermeister.

Never have I ever: done any drugs besides drinking alcohol and smoking pot.

Nilsa S. said...

Oooh, I never. Love the idea (and I may gently borrow it from you, though I promise to give you props!).

Let's see ... I've never ... tried any illegal drugs other than pot (and that was only once and so not worth it).

minijonb said...

i have never... gotten a tattoo.

i have... had sex on a beach (not talking about the drink, people! =:-) was a summer thing on a sand dune near the big lake... Lake Michigan...

nice blog you have here. you have a great '08, ok?

Sarah said...

We call it "I Never" not "Never Have I Ever." Weird.

I have bungee jumped, broken a bone, gotten a speeding ticket, shoplifted, and gotten a tattoo.

I have never had a one night stand.

Banana said...

Fun post.

I vaguely remember mooning my best freind through the window of a BUSY BAR. I was definitely drunk. and stupid.

I have never - seen Top Gun. I'm about the only member of my generation not to have seen this movie.

PrincessPolly said...

I've done cartwheels as I used to do gymnastics (along with forward and backward rolls, a cartwheel was the only thing I ever managed - can't do it anymore though!) and I also failed ONE class in uni but it wasn't really related to my course and was only a half module so wouldn't really count it. As for my "I never" - hmmm, "learned how to drive". There! (It's true. I'm a 28 year old who has never ever got behind the wheel of a car - for ANY reason - had a driving lesson or even THOUGHT about driving).

Scotty said...

Interesting list... so, you get a little more than you bargained for:

- Travel. I have been to 20 countries outside of the U.S.
- Jumping. Have only jumped off a cliff, into water, about 90 feet high.
- Tres. Ummm, not really interested.
- Arrested. Never.
- Bone break. Never.
- Speeding. Yes. One
- Flash. Ummm.. I'm not really into the whole showing my arse deal.
- Tattoo. Could never think of anything I would like to have forever. Although I have yet to find something I am allergic to. - Scrabulous. Have never played.
- Failed a class. Never.
- Jager. Have a half bottle in my freezer. I think its been there for at least 3 years.

Uniques - I have never cheated on a gf, had an illegal drug, had a one night stand, drank eggnog.. thats all I can think of right now :)

Janice said...

Funny, Jagermeister is pretty much the only shot that I'll take!! :)

Anonymous said...

You might beat me this time. Mygame is off b/c EACH keeps kicking mya ss with really simple words.

No speeding tickets for me either...I think I just broke my hand knocking so hard on the table. :)

Miss A said...

•Travelled outside of Australia. Yep – I’ve been to Europe!

•Asked a guy out on a date. Yep – many times!

•Went skydiving, cliff jumping, hang gliding or anything remotely risky. Erm, I’ve been whitewater rafting, does that count? But skydiving is on my list of things to do.

•Had a threesome. Nope, though I’ve been offered.

•Been arrested. Hell no!

•Broken a bone. Me either!

•Gotten a speeding ticket. Me either!

•Shoplifted. Erm, yes. I took a diary, and it was about 6 months ago!

•Completed a cartwheel. Hell no. I am a spastic.

•Mooned or flashed anyone. No way!

•Gotten a tattoo. Nope nope nope.

•Beaten Peter or Miriam in Scrabulous. I’ve never beaten anyone in scrabulous. Maybe we should play each other?!

•Failed a class. Yeah, I’ve never failed either.

•Done a shot of Jagermeister. Nope!

Okay, and mine, I have NEVER:
Smoked a cigarette!

Princess Pointful said...

I have done a few on your list... including an ill-advised shot of Jager a week and a half ago!

I have never cheated on a partner, had a one-night stand, or watched Indiana Jones.

Lisa said...

* Travelled outside of the United States/Canada. Yes, many times. I've been to all 10 provinces, probably about 20 states, about 10 European countries. SO WORTH IT. But I think it might be worth it to see more of Canada and the States first. Like the Rockies in Alberta are more beautiful than anything outside of North American that I've seen. Or like, Texas. Totally different culture.
* Asked a guy out on a date. Okay seriously.. it's SUCH a great feeling. You can ACTUALLY fly. If I sense that they are going to ask me out, I try and beat them to it, that's how great of a feeling it is.
* Went skydiving, cliff jumping, hang gliding or anything remotely risky. Me neither. But I'm not afraid of heights... soo... it doesn't interest me as a thrill.
* Had a threesome. Agreed- not on my list.
* Been arrested. Might be fun... but not worth it.
* Broken a bone. My nose?
* Gotten a speeding ticket. Iiiii don't have my license.
* Shoplifted. Why would I?
* Completed a cartwheel. OKAY me neither. I mean I've done plenty of half assed ones. I even took gymnastics and they'd spend hours with me. I probably eventually could do an okay one, but it's nothing anything that came easy, and I can't do them anymore.
* Mooned or flashed anyone. Tee hee. For some reason, at new years 2000, my cousins and I all flashed the peace tower (a main government building in Ottawa). I don't know why.
* Gotten a tattoo. Always wanted one, but can't think of what I'd want.
* Beaten Peter or Miriam in Scrabulous. I suck, so I won't even try.
* Failed a class. Let's not talk about this.
* Done a shot of Jagermeister. Have I? I think so. Probably.

I have never been in debt. And hope to never be. You don't have to answer this one if you don't want.

elysa said...

What a fun idea for a blog post.

Ok here goes ... the ones of ours I have done: traveled outside of US/Canada, been hang gliding (parasailing), broken a few bones, gotten a few speeding tickets, and I think I've had Jagermeister mixed in some crazy shot.

Never have I ever done any drugs.

Yoda said...

I've most definitely failed in a subject before! I think it was in the seventh grade. I was bone headed and I simply refused to study for tests. Yup, I learned the hard way!

You've never seen Star Wars? Ouch.

I wonder why you think a threesome has to have another woman? For all you know there could be two men! Think of all the possibilities ;-)

Never have I had sex in a car! Got a blowjob, yes, but no sex. Am I too old to do that now? *sigh*

daily editor said...

Of these, I've gotten a speeding ticket, broken a bone (my shin, and it was a spiral break—ouch!), and completed a cartwheel.

But never have I ever dated someone I worked with (although I did try!).

amanda rae said...

baah! i've done 7 of the things on your list! yikes.

i want to go to australia, too. i want to swim in the great barrier reef even though i'm TERRIFIED of sharks and ocean creatures. i'm hoping to get to italy and greece sometime this summer before i have to go back to the midwest, ugh.

jagermeister is so terrible! don't do it!!

never have i ever watched a porn movie, haha.

Michelle said...

jamie - i can't believe you've never seen The Notebook! that is a crime!

ana - yep. admitted to that one a little earlier.

k - they scare me too!

virginia - sushi freaks me out too, but i did try a california roll one time. it wasn't too bad.

deutlich - me either. i sort of love the one i have now, but who loves to go to work?

katelin - me either. creeps me out.

aliemalie - hi! thanks for the compliments :) and i cannot believe you've never owned a TV! i'm guilty - i have 2 in my condo.

margarita - i had a really mild case as a kid. literally like less than 10 pox. the doctor said i could get it again!

mcgee - me either. and i don't plan to.

nilsa - me either. and steal away my friend! that's the biggest compliment in my opinion :)

minijonb - hi! thanks for the compliment! and i've had sex on a beach. guilty, guilty.

sarah - yeah i've heard it called both names. who knows. and yes, i'm guilty of the one night stand... sigh. a lot of people have that on their never list.

banana - you're not alone! i haven't seen top gun either!

princesspolly - you don't drive?! that would make me go crazy. i need to be able to GET AWAY whenever possible. lol

scotty - yeah i'm definitely guilty of all your nevers. oops. and eggnog is delicious!

janice - you should try a kamikaze shot! SO GOOD.

lspoon - i hope i beat you this time. we shall see :)

miss a - yeah i just started that bad habit. but only when i drink. and you're on for scrabulous. i'll challenge you soon! :)

princess pointful - i've done all your nevers except see indiana jones. i just don't think i would like it.

lisa - oh i'll own up to debt. it's called STUPID SCHOOL AND CAR LOANS. ugh.

elysa - i'm guilty.

yoda - you have a point. but i still don't think i'm down for that. and i've definitely had sex in a car. where else are you going to go when you live with your parents?!

daily editor - i have. The Ex was my boss. oops. ;)

Michelle said...

amanda rae - really? not even the fuzzy, you can barely get channels on cable? lol.

Julie Q said...

No Jagermeister for this girl either. And Michelle I think we are probably better people for it :)

Tina Vaziri said...

Never have I... had sex in public! :O

midnite99 said...

OK, I HAVE...travelled abroad, asked a guy out, and broken a bone.

Never have I ever...made out in a car.

(A lot of the others I would have used have already been listed...)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I HAVE. taken a shot of jager, traveled outside the u.s. (you must go to ITALY, MUST.)gotten a tattoo, completed a cartwheel...I was one of those kids who did cartwheels in inappropriate places like shopping malls and dentist offices. AND, YES I'VE FAILED A CLASS. or a few.
Man, I sound like a f*ck up in that list. lol.
BUT never have I ever...voluntarily washed my car.
I know, it gross, its jsut not a priority. hahaha.

karen said...

i've done most of your nevers! not saying which ones... :)
but i'm older. that's my reasoning.

never have i ever...
watched any of those "csi" shows.

Daddy Dan said...

Hey Michelle,
I've only done three of the things on your list: travelled outside the U.S. (Cozumel on our honeymoon), gotten a speeding ticket (the morning after I proposed to my wife), and done a shot of Jagermeister (never again).

Never have I ever used drugs (except for marijuana a few times). =)

Cecile Weekly said...

What a great post!

I've done 6 things of your list:
* Travelled outside of the United States/Canada.
Because I'm from Europe :)
* Asked a guy out on a date.
I did. He said no. Silly boy.
* Went skydiving, cliff jumping, hang gliding or anything remotely risky.
* Broken a bone. Knock. on. wood.
I went snowboarding last year and broke my wrist. Hurrah! ;(
* Shoplifted.
Well, I was young and greedy (never got caught and regret having done so)
* Failed a class.
I did so once... I felt so bad that I studied very hard to get a high grade the second time around.

Never have I ever...
* been to the US. That will be hard for you to do... :)
* kissed a girl (which I think is a pity, because I would have liked adding it to my list of experiences)
* worn coloured contact lenses
* had a relationship that wasn't drowning in or dwelling on my drama queen behaviour.

Sara said...

Yours: "Gotten a tattoo. Also soon to change. This summer! I think I'm going to design my own. They have hypoallergenic inks right? Because this girl is allergic to everything!"

I had 4 done last year alone, for a total of 5 on my body or 7, depending on how you count the one on my arm. I was nervous about the allergic reaction thing too, but, even with sensitive skin I was fine.

Never have I: Even thought about having a threesome. I totally agree with what you have said about this. Besides, I'm way too jealous!

Anonymous said...

i hate playing this game with my friends while drinking :( we all know too much crap about each other so we try to get each other back.

never have i ever had a 3 some.

never have i ever been to the west coast.

never have i ever voted for a republican.

rachel said...

Never have I ever smoked pot, done any drugs or smoked a cigarette. I KNOW!!! lol.

Passionista said...

1) I have asked a guy out on a date
2) Never have I ever been on a blind date!

Anonymous said...

Never have I ever eaten a strawberry.

I have been arrested!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I've done a few of your nevers (ahem - not THAT one) but I have never streaked and something tells me that will stay the same...

Michelle said...

julie q - definitely!

midnite99 - never made out in a car?! i'm guilty of that probably 100 times over ;)

chelsea talks smack - well, i can't stand a dirty car. although now that i get free washes with my new car i find myself going longer and longer between washes. weird.

karen - i have seen CSI. but i'm more of a Law & Order girl :)

daddy dan - me either ;)

cecile - since i live in the US, that would be hard for me to deny ;) i've also kissed a girl and been a drama queen. never worn the colored lenses though.

sara - exactly! i'm the jealous type on occasion too.

legallyheidi - i've been to the west coast (my CA trip)! and i am ashamed to admit i voted for george w. the first time around. please don't hit me! i've beaten myself up about it enough. it was before i was really into politics or did any research on candidates.

rachel - that's the goody goody i know and love!

passionista - me either. blind dates freak me out. i mean what if he's cyclops or something?

pessimistic redhead - i LOVE strawberries. especially in the summertime mmmmm.

princess extraordinaire - yeah me either. doesn't seem all that exciting does it?

each of the two said...

ok, from your list i HAVE done (wait, i think this is my first comment to you! i'm excited!)

I have:
-traveled outside the states/canada and specifically to Ireland, France, Italy and Australia from your list (others as well, but i dont want to seem showy)
- Asked a guy out, they are more afraid that us, turns out
- been skydiving, not as scary as i thought it would be, scary IN the plane, but just windy outside of.
- Broke 9 toes, not all at the same time, oh and my ass, no doctor seen.
- Mooned AND flashed, many a time, sometime both at a time.
- Gotten a tattoo, several times. hurts like a bitch.
- Beaten Miriam, loads. Should challange peter though, and would love to play you! if you want.

and never have i ever, or WILL I EVER take a shot of Jaermeister. EVER!

(ps. i love that you stop by sometimes to my place!)

Hazel said...

no, you're not compeltely right! the three i've done are traveled outside the U.S., shoplifted and got a tattoo. But I just realized that I have completed many cartwheels so you got two out of three!

recovering overachiever said...

Here are 2 haves.
I have gotten a tattoo (and I love it!) and I have broken a bone. I kicked a couch (because I'm clumsy, not out of anger) and I broke one of my toes. Which sucked because I was on the track team.

Never have I ever smoked a cigarette. (Wow that makes me sound boring.)

Ripe for Reading said...

Michelle, the woods do not count for public displays of peeing or PDoP! Nice try! : )

sassafras said...

I have done 5 of your things, the most recent is buying a bottle of jager after not having it in years!

Never have I ever french kissed a girl.

Lisa said...

Never have I ever completed a cartwheel. Or broken a bone, but that's probably because for lack of trying with the former. Never have I ever gotten a tattoo. And yes, I'm also allergic to everything. It sucks.

Michelle said...

each - thanks for the comment! and i'll have to stop by more often now with blog con 08 approaching :) and i'm glad you're with me on the detest of jager. so gross! and scrabulous? you're on!

hazel - damn. well 2 out of 3 aint bad.

recovering overachiever - not boring! VERY smart.

ripe for reading - damn! i tried :)

sassafras - yup. i have.

lisa - we seem to have the same never. and being prone to allergies. boo to that!

Annie said...

I've been to Mexico, gotten one speeding ticket, and done plenty shots of jager and cartwheels (many times in the same night). But that's it on your list! I can't believe I haven't broken a bone in all of the years I've played competitive sports. Insane!

Never ever have I cheated on a boyfriend, smoked a cigarette, dated a friend's brother, lied to a cop/military official or skipped a class (I was way anal about school, too!). And until this point, I'd never played Never Have I Ever!

Mel said...

There are 6 of your never have I evers that I can agree with you with. Everything else I have done

** never have I ever been to the east coast**

MrsTwink said...

Too cute! I might have to "borrow" this post for my blog!

1) I've done a lot of your nevers. Been outside of the US, asked a guy out, broken a bone, gotten a speeding ticket, shoplifted, cartwheels, mooned LOTS of people, failed a class and done a shot of jager.

2) I have never done a split! It was one of my resolutions but how the heck do you even train yourself to split? I'm going to work on it again.

MrsTwink said...

Too cute! I might have to "borrow" this post for my blog!

1) I've done a lot of your nevers. Been outside of the US, asked a guy out, broken a bone, gotten a speeding ticket, shoplifted, cartwheels, mooned LOTS of people, failed a class and done a shot of jager.

2) I have never done a split! It was one of my resolutions but how the heck do you even train yourself to split? I'm going to work on it again.

Michelle said...

annie - i've cheated. unfortunately. and i skipped school one time, on senior skip day. we all went to six flags amusement park :)

mel - i live on the east coast. well more so when i lived in Pennsylvania. Ohio's sort of the midwest :)

mrstwink - i can't do them either! and i don't know if that's something you can train for. maybe lots of stretching!

JMC said...

I've gotten a speeding ticket, completed a cartwheel and done a shot of Jagermeister (it tastes like licorice).

I've never worn a thong. And I never will!

Ripe for Reading said...

Never have I ever dyed my hair or had a perm.

Work is no fun, I can play again, yes?

graffitigirldesigns said...

this is super fun....

since i have always been pretty goody two shoes too heres what i have done on your list: completed a cartwheel (several times), shoplifted (a bouncie ball when i was a kid), and i did a jager bomb ( not sure if it was the jager or the red bull i hated, but i haven't touch either since)

never have i ever smoked a cigarette, done illegal drugs, gone streaking - i couldnt think of anymore of my own lol

brookem said...

Oof, I have done jager. I hate it, but I'll do it.

And let's see...
Never have I ever...sucessfully completed the run/jump/catch (a la Dirty Dancing), despite several attempts.

The Underpaid Princess said...

I love this!! I posted mine on my blog.

L Sass said...

Fun game!!! I HAVE traveled out of the country (and you should too) and I HAVE done a shot of Jager (and you should never, ever, ever do it--yuck).

Hmmm.... I have never had a Twinkie!! For real.

Hiya, I'm Kristie. said...

Shoplifted: I totally did that back in the day at Claire's when I was a youngster. My best friend and I would take cheap jewelry. I know, I'm horrible.

Never have I ever:
Drank an entire bottle of beer. I dated a guy for a few years that never finished the bottom of the bottle because he said it tasted weird, so I adpoted that too for some reason. I leave about 1/4 inch in the bottle and get a new one.

Tia said...

failed a class: yes, unfortunately. lemme tell you, trying to go back to college years later with a not-so-stellar-cuz-i-didn't-really-give-a-crap-at-the-time GPA? is hard.

Never Have I Ever: had a real one-night-stand.

Michelle said...

jmc - really? but thongs are so comfy!

ripe for reading - but of course. and i just dyed my hair for the first time a few months ago. i also had a perm a few years ago. BAD experience. i don't recommend it.

graffiti girl - another of my goody two shoes friends i love and adore :)

brookem - me either. i'm pretty uncoordinated. lol

the underpaid princess - i'll be checking it out :)

lsass - seriously? mmm they're so yummy.

kristie - i hate beer so i'm with ya there.

tia - well they're not anything to write home about ;) said...

ha! I have also always been a bit of a goody-two-shoes, as well as anal about my grades. I think they go together pretty well, really. No speeding tickets, arrests or broken bones, either! =)

Anna said...

Okay, I challenge you to a game of Scrabulous RIGHT NOW.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that I have played never have I ever since college... and that has been a little while...

I loved all you entries but I have to say that I have done most of the things on here... with no regrets and some alcohol...

There are a few from the comments though that I haven't done.. ride a motorcycle...

Never have I ever... not done something crazy because I was scarred...
never have I ever been in love... pretty sad...