Friday, September 7, 2007

How Could You Not Love Them?

So I realized most of you have never seen any pictures of the animals that run rampant through our house. And why would you want to be deprived from seeing these oh-so-cute faces?!

Holly (1st-top left)
  • Spunkiest cat in the world. She NEVER. STOPS. MOVING. (Hence the blurry picture above)
  • She tends to lay on the stairs and when you walk towards her acts like "Well, step over me. DUH." I've almost fell and killed myself twenty times (give or take).
  • Has escaped from the house 3 times this summer. Every time because I left the sliding door open when I was calling for the dogs (maybe 4 inches wide or so). And she fits! through! it!
  • Loves receipts. I have even caught her fishing them out of Clancy's pants' pockets on the floor of the bedroom.
  • Clancy gave her to me as a present last Christmas. We actually exchanged presents in Columbus before visiting family because 1.) I was going to be gone longer than him because I had more vacation time and 2.) Didn't really want to exchange gifts in front of our family. So when he told me there was something he had to wait to give me until I arrived at his parents' house Christmas day I was kind of surprised. Everyone had their guesses (some of my crazy friends thought engagement ring but we had only been dating for 3! months! and I knew that wasn't it). My step sister Jill was actually the only one who said I bet it's a kitten. And he hates cats so I disregarded that. Yeah right like he would buy me another one! But I was wrong. First I opened a scratching post. I went to turn to him to be like "Are you kidding me?" but then turn around to see him standing there holding a little white furball. All I could do was smile.

Gracie (2nd-top right)
  • The skinniest cocker spaniel you'll ever meet. The groomer doesn't think we feed her. I swear we do.
  • She must be so skinny because everytime we come home(even if we've only been gone 15 minutes) she runs all over the house and jumps! and jumps! and jumps! in excitement for the next hour.
  • She's very possessive over toys/food and an ATTENTION WHORE! If she sees you petting any other animal in the house she'll butt right in and stick her head under your hand like "You humans can only do this to me. Thank you very much."
  • LOVES apples. Yes, apples. We have an apple tree in the backyard and when we let the girls outside she'll pick one up off the ground then proceed to run around the yard growling with an apple in her mouth. It's hilarious.
  • Even more hilarious she licks the glass on the sliding door when she wants to come inside. Hey it saves me from washing the windows, right?
  • When she gets really excited or really scared she'll pee a tiny puddle on the floor. I guess it's a cocker spaniel thing. I just think it's because she's a big baby.

Zoey (3rd-bottom left)
  • She's 1/4 German Shepard, 3/4 Husky (I think)
  • Has the prettiest blue eyes that you've ever seen on a dog. Gorgeous.
  • Sheds like you wouldn't believe. I find tufts of hair all over the place in the room they sleep in. Vacuuming should be an every day occurance at our house.
  • She used to be hyperactive, however since Clancy brought Gracie home she's finally calmed down.
  • LOVES to play catch. Say "where's your ball?" and you've got her running in circles, super excited.
  • She also LOVES plastic water/pop bottles. Just last night we gave her one and she proceeded to lay on her back scrunching it with her feet while sticking her tongue down it to get the last drops.
  • Her current obsession is the ground hog that lives under our shed in the backyard. Yeah, we're workin' on that.
  • The phrase she hears most throughout the day? "NO KITTIES!"

Margot (4th-bottom right)
  • AKA Margz
  • She is the definition of Scaredy Cat. Every time I move to a new place she hides under the couch and won't come out for days. She jumps at every little sound and runs through the cat door down to the basement if she hears anything/anyone coming her way. She's even hiding in the picture I posted.
  • When I first wanted to adopt a cat, I pictured one that was affectionate and always wanting to cuddle. Margot is exactly like that. When the dogs are outside you'll find her on my lap wanting kisses. (Thank goodness she is because Holly could give two shits if you show her the time of day!)
  • Will climb onto the back of the couch while I'm watching TV and lick the hair on the back of my head. It is so gross.
  • Her favorite place to lay is behind the fan on the table in our bedroom. I come home to see her there every day.

I am definitely an ANIMAL LOVER


Princess Pointful said...

Lovely post! I love animal anecdotes... I giggled about the receipts.

I am cat-less at the moment, for the longest time I think I've ever been. I'm planning to get one soon (so excited!), but my guy needs to get an allergy test first. Fingers crossed!

Michelle said...

We're actually BOTH allergic. Clancy to cats. I am to pretty much every animal with fur, but I am too much of an animal lover to resist? :)

Tina Vaziri said...

Omg, your pets are soo cute. My boyfriend is also allergic to cats, but he adores our kitty Mojito (and Mojito loves him too, MORE THAN HE LOVES ME) GAH!.

cdp said...

Oh goodness, what precious little ones! I'm an animal lover too, and I tend to comment about animals in a way that most folks comment about babies and children but hey, it's okay. Your cats sound super-cool and your dogs? Gorgeous! All this doggie talk is making me sad though . . . still bugging McD for a Christmas puppy. Sigh . . .

Thanks for sharing your little family with us!

onebigholiday said...

Aw, your post just got me super excited for tomorrow!

DG said...

You have GOT to be kidding me - those are the cutest animals EVER!!!

sweetanemone said...

awww michelle they are all gorgeous!!! thanks for the awesome post!

libby said...

ok i want gracie.


alyndabear said...

They're all adorable! I always wanted Jase to buy me a puppy for my birthday, but Gracie is tempting me for a kitty one day ...

alyndabear said...

Wait.. I just called Holly Gracie. Ack! You know what I mean. ;)

Nap Queen said...

Cute babies!!! We have two dogs and two cats, as well, and I sooooo can't keep up with all the hair, but they're worth it!

nancypearlwannabe said...

OMG are they cute. I can't wait to have my own place so I can get a dog... I totally miss having animals. I mean, besides Chris.

the fanny said...

Love love love all the dog (and kitty) pictures! We're both allergic to cats in our house, but lately I've been begging to get a "kitteh". I used to have a cocker spaniel, too!

molly said...

Ooooh I'm in love!

Clink said...

SO FREAKING ADORABLE. I can't even deal.

Caitlyn said...

I'm not a cat person really, but holy crap, can I steal those dogs?