Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Can Leap Tall Buildings In A Single Bound

In light of Rachel's many design blog posts I thought I'd share a recent ad that I designed (with the help of my fabulous copywriting guru, Jeff).

Not to pat my own back, but I think it's one of the best ads I've ever done and I'm sort of excited about it. However, when they ran the ad they didn't use the bleed correctly - argh! Figures. But I'm sure we'll run it again sometime soon.

Yes, there are still days where I think maybe I did choose the right major.

(Click to see a larger image - the copywriting really makes the ad)


rachel said...

that is beautiful michelle. LOVE it!!!

rachel said...

oh and your blog looks like mine all of a sudden. haha!

rachel said...

yeah - i DO love flickr. course, when i tried to transfer my yahoo photos over, it didn't work. but thats ok - they were old anyway. i'm keeping picassa (googe web albums) for my public/family/personal photos, and only using flickr for my best ones.


(i've had to come to some sort of orgainzation. xanga/picassa/rachlusky for personal, wordpress/flickr/puremotif for professional


elysa said...

nice work michelle that kid is super cute

elysa said...

oh yeah ps - I like the new look as well

Slightly Disorganized said...

yeah this is bad ass.