Thursday, August 2, 2007

Going Up?

Oh the cramped, stuffy space of an elevator. How I have become so accustomed to using you as transportation on a daily basis. I remember hating them as a kid. Being afraid that it would get stuck or plummet to the basement and I would suffer an untimely, splattery death. It's so routine now that I have forgotten what there is to be afraid of.

But do you notice that there is always a subtle awkwardness that creeps up on you when you're on an elevator with strangers? Especially the ones with reflective doors. Why is that guy looking at me? Or is he just looking straight ahead? And why do people I don't even know have the urge to say "have a nice day" when they get off the elevator before me? Was the completely silent ride up to the 1000th floor not awkward enough? Now you want to converse? Yeah I would rather not. Then there's the ride up with people you know know who you are, but act like they've never met you before in their life. Then the look of shock or disbelief that you're now getting off on the same floor comes across their face. The look saying "Really? You're getting out here too?" Suddenly, we're best friends.

Also, elevators tend to bring out the chivalrous quality in men. Suddenly they are gracefully moving out of the way to let all the women on or off before themselves. Is it because these women are now going to be trapped on an elevator with a complete stranger and you want them to think "well at least this guy's not going to attack me or something, he's such a gentleman"? Or is it just that I haven't been around these seemingly chivalrous men before? Where have they been hiding? Apparently in buildings with elevators.

Lastly, there's the thrill of elevators. While you're riding a million floors to your destination you look around thinking... "could I get away with having a sexual rendezvous on this thing?" Especially in one with windows overlooking downtown Columbus. How fun would that be?


elysa said...

hey so you might think I am crazy commenting on a month old post but I am just now catching up on (with?) my feed reader.

I spend almost every day in an elevator so I completely know where you are coming from here. Sometimes at my apartment complex I will take the stairs if I only see one person waiting on the elevator. That goes to show you how much I enjoy the awkward silence.

ps- there are lots of chivalrous men in the south ;)

Slightly Disorganized said...


mcgee said...

all i have to say is, "word."

because of this very reason (the awkwardness), i usually go out of my way to ride the elevator in the apartment building alone. if i see someone going into it i'll kind of slow my progress coming into the lobby so it goes up without me. haha.

The Lisa Show said...

Hi. I'm the loser who frantically presses the close button when I start hearing footsteps trying to make the elevator. Hahaha. Seriously. I hate elevator rides with people, especially if there's only one other person with you. Excruciatingly painful.