Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You Sure Have a Lot of Class

Britney Spears. Paris Hilton. Lindsey Lohan. Yes, I am so sick of hearing celebrity gossip and who got caught drunk driving this week or who snorted coke last week. Trust me, if I have to hear one more wild guess on who's Britney's new "baby daddy" I'm going to vomit.

Now after all of that bitchin' I'm going to spill some celebrity gossip. Such a hypocrite, aren't I? For real though, once in awhile you'll hear a story about someone famous that makes you realize - wow they really are human.

As my fellow country music fans know, Faith Hill & Tim McGraw are currently out on tour (and currently married - for those of you who are a little behind the times). I had the pleasure of listening to an audio clip this morning of Faith Hill yelling at a girl in the audience who basically sexually assaulted her husband. I won't spill all the hoarish details, but basically the slut grabbed his junk. Faith kept her cool, but still was able to mutter something into the mic - something along the lines of "you sure have a lot of class" - without missing a dancing beat. And on top of that when they were shaking the hands of some of the crowd, another girl took his wedding band off. They were able to call security and get it back, but come on!

I just can't believe the lack of respect that was shown to them and their relationship. I know he's a sexy music star and all but he's MARRIED and his wife is TWO FEET AWAY. Sure they're famous, but they're still human beings. Faith is still going to get mad, upset, and want to rip the redneck right off of your body for touching her man - especially if he wasn't asking for it (then she'd be after Tim)! Moral of the story is, be respectful of people in relationships. Don't fawn all over your friend's husband or the hot guy in accounting you know is taken. Damn you deviant women - don't let the rest of us go down for that! Some of us still have our self respect (and would like to keep our significant others to ourselves), thank you very much.

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