Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sparks Are A Flyin'

They sure are flyin'.... all over the place it seems. This pre-holiday is turning into a larger firework fest than the actual fourth. I'll just bite my lip for the moment....

The fourth of July.... tomorrow. How I love this holiday. Seriously, it's got all the great 'f' factors: fireworks, food, family, friends, & fun. And not to mention that we get the day off work due to it being a national holiday. It's one of those freebies I think because you really don't have to stress out about anything. It's all free time and relaxation. Who can argue with that?

We're headed to the Bevingtons' tonight ~ can't wait! His mom got a new collie puppy that I'm anxious to see. Sometimes I want a new puppy or kitten, but then I think about the zoo we have at our house and usually the thought passes. Speaking of pets, we're still undecided about what we're going to do with them while we're gone.... crap. Another thought (this one's a little more frightening).... do i still fit in my swimsuits from last year? Oh lord. Well, apparently that's what I'll be doing after work today before we leave, deciding which suit makes me look the least ridiculous. I don't want to show too much skin in front of the boyfriend's family!

This weekend will be a long overdue Erie trip (and sadly probably won't be another for awhile unless I make the 4 hour journey alone, which I hate doing). My dad's having a barbecue on Friday night and I've invited some Erie peeps who I've missed dearly! My stepsister Jill's in town as well, so it should be a rockin' good time.

I'll be posting some pics of Gracie, our cocker spaniel, soon because Clancy took her to get groomed on Saturday and she looks hilarious! He didn't want to give her the traditional cocker spaniel cut because in all honesty, it kind of looks ridiculous. But I'm beginning to wonder what's better because with all her curlies gone she looks a little like a shaved rat! Haha. I'm thinking next time we should just take her for a "trim". Do they do that with dogs?

Speaking of haircuts, I visited the Charles Penzone salon up in Gahanna last Friday. How I love 1/2 work days and getting to make hair and nail appointments :) This place is insane by the way. Gorgeous! And the first thing they do when you walk in is ask what you'd like to drink. Don't make fun of me, yes this is the first time I haven't gotten my hair cut at "Saturdays" or some other cheapo mall hair salon -- shut up! I have a new "do" and it's short for me, I'll wait to post pics until the look is complete (I'm going for a color/highlighting appoitnment in a few weeks). The cut did a lot for my hair's volume/body so I'm diggin it.

Ok back to the reality of things. Work, blah. Not that I don't love my job, but the clock's just ticking by today... getting out early does not make the day go faster when all you do is countdown to quittin' time.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday!!

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yaaay updates!! it gives katyn something to read in her boredom!