Tuesday, July 3, 2007


p.s. check out this fabulous blog that a friend at work sent me.

reasons to check it out based entirely on my own personal opinion of course

  • the author has a great sense of humor
  • her family literally survives (quite well i might add) solely from ad profits from the blog and i find this fascinating
  • her husband is a graphic designer and has his own blog as well which isn't quite as funny, but amuses me just the same
  • she takes great photos and does it daily -- i may try this, what a great way to document life

one more funny aside, me as a Simpsons character.


Rachel @ Grace said...

hey!! my vacation was amazing... i have pictures up on my google album which i'll post at some point soon.

i miss you a lot. unfortunately we can't come friday night, we already hav ea long-scheduled small group meeting. maybe we could do breakfast or lunch saturday?

Anonymous said...

that was the best blog i've read in a long time. it's hysterical.