Thursday, June 14, 2007

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Yesterday was the first day I had to fill in my age on anything since the big 2-5 hit. It was weird writing it down. We had a bone density scan at work to test for osteoperosis. I thought I was too young to get it done, but they can also tell if you're going to have problems later in life so I thought what the hell. I scored off the charts! Which is a good thing for my age, but not necessarily a good thing that all the calcium in my diet is coming from pizza and macaroni & cheese!

I think I failed to mention that I officially have the best boyfriend in the world. He made my birthday so wonderful. Now if only I can top it for his birthday! Flowers, cheesecake, the new Harry Potter book, & tickets to see Wicked - yeah he knows me. lol. The show's next Friday and the tickets haven't arrived yet, so we're kind of nervous. However, if they don't come he says we're going to Hocking Hills for a weekend trip this summer. Should I pray the tickets don't come? Just kidding. I have actually been wanting to see Wicked, I think it would be amazing. But Hocking Hills would be just as entertaining ;-). hehe.

For any Stephen King fans out there, you should totally read The Cell, his new book.
I haven't finished it yet, but so far it is really good. I don't want to give too much away, but it basically is about cell phones making people go crazy. I've always enjoyed his books, but this one has a different psychological spin than most of the others I've read. Check it out. My friends make fun of me for still going to the library, but I don't care. It's FREE!

Thinking about new bedding for the guest bedroom. It of course all started with me wanting to finish painting the rest of the house, but how can you pick out paint colors if you don't have a color scheme right? Maybe it's just my urge to shop speaking for me! I have quite a few from Ty Pennington's collection at Sears that I really like. I have to go check them out in person though, it's hard to tell online if you're going to like the material. I just can't narrow it me!

I've decided that I'm going to be productive this weekend. Hopefully I can convince Clancy to move some of my dressers upstairs so I can get my clothes out of the exra closets. After that I'm going to paint hopefully! I have to shop first of course and pick out colors :). I've been having skin issues too with redness/sensitivity so I think I'm going to head up to Sephora in the Polaris mall. They have really nice products, and the cheapy Walmart face wash isn't cutting it anymore.

Well, 30 minutes and counting. Can't wait to see Clancy! I've been smelling a hint of his cologne on me all day and it's making me miss him even more than I usually do!

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