Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Must Be A Quarter Life Crisis, Officially

So I've hit the quarter-century mark. Yikes. Why is it that exciting days like your birthday & Christmas just aren't fun anymore? All you ever get is cash (which, hey, I'm not really complaining about), and cards from the 'rents. But it doesn't feel special. Man what I would give to have butterflies in my stomach again the nights before Christmas and my birthday wondering what the day will be like. I miss that. I wish you got the day off of work on your birthday, too. Wouldn't that be nice? Not really sure what I'd do other than sit on my butt at home, but that could be fun.

I did get a really, really nice card from my mom. Definitely made me cry. My dad's was nice too, but he's not usually the sappy type. I just realized the other day that my grandma, aunt, and I are all hitting landmark birthdays this year. I'll be 25, my aunt 50, and my grandma 75. Isn't that weird?

So I'm addicted to Hell's Kitchen and So You Think You Can Dance again this year. What is it about reality TV? I am so enthralled by it. Anna and I have started a Wednesday night tradition of crashing in front of the tube and tuning in to So You Think You Can Dance. A lot of the time we're watching Drew (her baby) dance instead of paying attention to the show. He is sooo cute and is getting so big already. His facial expressions are priceless. I can't wait to be a parent. I mean, I CAN wait, but it'll be an exciting time.

Um, yeah for friends and e-cards! Rachel, that kitten made me smile. Too cute! Hope everyone has a good day! Heading to lunch soon with some friends from work :)

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Rachel @ Grace said...

i'm glad you liked the kitten. i loved when it meowed at the end. aw!

happy birthday!