Thursday, May 17, 2007

It Feels Like It's Rainin' You

The day is flying so far. Got my new computer at work and it's fabulous...and fast. But nothing compared to a macintosh! Man I miss my G5 from World Gym (and that's about the only thing I miss from there, well except for Anna!). We watched Happily Never After last night. Not really that good. Clancy said that he thought a lot of it had to do with the voices, and I have to agree. The voices were Sara Michele Gellar, Andy Dick, etc. but they just talked in their normal voices. The voices weren't funny like Mike Meyer's in Shrek. (Which I can't wait to see the new one!!!)

What else? The weather's been kind of cloudy/rainy the last few days. I can't say I mind though, I like the variety. It was blistering hot last week and so it's nice to not be sweating in my sleep!

Have a meeting later this afternoon for our website design. Hopefully they've come up with some great layouts, I'm anxious to see! I'm actually glad that this was all started before I worked here. That would have been intimidating to just start a new job and take on such a huge, important project.

Rascal Flatt tickets are going on sale June 2nd! I think I may splurge, we'll see. I have a few expenses for the move coming up, so I may not have the extra $$, but it would be so great to see them in concert.

Can't wait til 5. And tomorrow's payday woohoo!

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Slightly Disorganized said...

Is this title a lyric from the brad paisley song???

because that is my ultimate, all time favorite song of his.