Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Silence The Little Ogres

It's Tuesday. Yes, only Tuesday. lol. This past weekend was fun, could have gotten more accomplished, true, but still fun none the less. Clance and I had a date night on Friday, the Olive Garden for dinner and to see Shrek 3 on opening night. Who's idea was that again? haha. For some reason we thought going later would mean avoiding the little (screaming, sometimes irritating) people. And by this I mean children, not those who are vertically challenged of course. But no, they were out in droves. Where have all the parents gone?! Or their minds for that matter. No child of mine will be out until after 11 to see a movie at the age of 4! Ridiculous. And we probably contracted SARS from the hacking ones behind us. lol. Besides having to concentrate a little harder, I still enjoyed the movie. Shrek 2 is still my favorite, though. How cute were the baby ogres?

Saturday should have been the day to pack. Which I did somewhat, but I can never get motivated enough. Moving sucks! I'm thinking I will this Saturday and hopefully without my favorite distraction I'll get some stuff done ;-). Sunday will be furniture moving day I suppose, since it's really the only weekend we can do it before my lease is up. Maybe Memorial Day...we'll see.

Sunday I went shopping. Which has been brought to my attention that I may do too much ;-). Not denying a thing... lol. I did buy a really cool cabinet for our bathroom which allows for more room for all my junk. Which I'm sure you love, right babe? The bathroom is really tiny though, fo' real, and we needed the space. For a Walmart purchase it was pretty easy to put together and not too sore on the eyes. Now we just need to get that pink paint off the walls!

Well back to work!

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