Monday, April 2, 2007

Starting Fresh...

Tomorrow begins a new job, and hopefully a new outlook on this career choice I've made. I really think that World Gym contributed to my rut though. I just wasn't "feeling" it anymore, and I used to LOVE being creative. I hope that this job will bring that back.

Went to Erie this weekend to visit with my parents. It was a good time. It's hard being so far away from your family. That 4 hour trip can be a killer, but at least Clancy was there to keep me awake some of the time. lol. Took him down to Presque Isle but I guess you have to be a local to appreciate it's greatness (apart from summertime of course). And Sara's wasn't even open yet! Went out to dinner with my dad and Laurann on Saturday and lunch with my mom and Jenn on Sunday. I also bought a bunch of new clothes for the new job. Starting my first day in a suit, what a change from World Gym!

Bought a new car before the trip home. The old one was not the greatest, and surely not reliable. I decided to go with a pale blue 2007 Scion TC and I am lovin' it! It's a sporty looking car and has a lot of great features and gets good gas mileage. The whole top of the car is glass and has a sunroof and a moonroof. It's pretty damn sweet. And once I get my iPod working again I can play it in my car which is nice. Had to give it a car wash already to get the dead bugs off from the highway trip. But I'm just glad to have a reliable car, and to start my new job with a little confidence boost.

Well, going to relax at my apartment for the rest of the night and get a good night's rest for tomorrow's "Welcome Breakfast". I'm a little nervous!




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rachel said...


your new car looks great. i'm sorry we couldn't get together this weekend. it was a rotten one all around!!!