Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Finally...I'm Free

Today's my last day! God that is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, at least that's what it feels like. My office is pretty much cleared out, most of my files backed up, garbage emptied, I want to peace out of here NOW! lol. Going to a new restaurant up in Polaris for a "Goodbye Lunch". I guess it's a nice gesture, but I'd rather cut the hour off the end of my shift ;-)

So I was messing around on the internet while my files were saving and saw this picture of Sanjaya. What the hell is that haircut? Why? He is sooo feeding off the attention he has been getting, but I can't really say I blame him. I mean it has sort of made him famous. I've maybe seen American Idol a total of 5 times throughout all the seasons and I know who he is already.

Well, staying up late and sleeping in tomorrow! Yeah! And then hopefully getting my new car Thursday or Friday - the $$'s in the bank! I just have to try to figure out this whole title situation, clean the car out, and change the oil. Busy, busy weekend ahead. Hopefully going to Erie for a few days so that should be fun. I miss my parents a lot and I'm glad I get to see them. Probably buying clothes for my new job too since they'll be tax FREE! Well, I guess I should finish the last of my projects before lunch. Back to the Future marathon tonight - Clancy's educating me ;-)

Happy hump day!

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