Tuesday, March 27, 2007

He's Still Her Hero; Steady As A Rock Her Love Keeps Rolling Along

Tuesday. Ok, Wednesday's next then freedom! Can't wait. I'm in a good mood just thinking about it.

Last night I went on a walk with Gracie. She's sort of getting better at the whole concept of being on a leash. At least she's walking pretty much the whole time and not sitting in the driveway shaking in her boots. I want to train her to walk beside me, but anytime I pull up on the leash or discipline her in anyway I feel bad because I'm out in public. And she acts like this little abused dog when you even slightly raise your voice. Then it makes me start laughing because she's such a scaredy cat! She even is afraid of little kids; she runs to the opposite side of wherever they are, expecting me to protect her I think. For some reason she thinks everything that moves is out to get her. Oh well, it'll just take some time and her getting used to it.

Deal or No Deal is getting kind of ridiculous to watch, but funny at the same time. People just keep taking it too far and pressing their luck. They go from an offer of $140,000 and say no deal, but then later on when they're getting to the end they'll have an offer of like $15,000 and their supporters are saying "That's a lot of money!". Really? Where were you on my $140,000 bid? Oh that's right you were telling me "No deal!". Then they end up leaving with $500 and I can't help but laugh. At least it's entertaining.

My back is killing me. Debating on whether or not to go to the doctor. After this week, I won't have insurance for a month so I need to make a decision soon. I guess I'll get to work. Wishin' I was home with my baby... *I love you! The 5 day weekend is fast approaching :-)

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