Monday, March 26, 2007

3 days and counting.

Only three days left at World Gym! Woohoo! I am so irritated with this place right now. Let's just say they caused me a lot of aggrevation this morning - well one person in particular. I come in to my office door shut and locked (which I've asked a MILLION times for no one to shut it because I don't have a spare key). This postponed me from getting into my office for a good 45 minutes until I could get the spare that our office manager has. But the bottom line is - STAY THE HECK OUT OF MY OFFICE! Why are you in there anyways? Need to leave me a note? Try email. It's such a great invention. Grrr. OK, I'm better now after I got that off my chest.

Clancy has an interview this morning. I'm crossing my fingers for him. He deserves a good job after all he's been thru lately. Especially after having Bob as a boss for the past 3 years....

The weather this weekend was pretty damn wonderful, and it's supposed to get to 80 today! It rained Friday, but we had the concert inside anyways so it didn't really effect anything. The concert was A-mazing by the way. We were high up on the second balcony, but the theater was pretty small so we could still see the stage relatively well. I tried taking some pictures of our view but they didn't turn out so well. They sang a lot of the songs I wanted to hear so that made me happy, except they didn't play The Mermaid song! The only other thing that kind of sucked was the way they had the sound system rigged. I don't know if it was because of where we were sitting but at times it was hard to hear their voices over the music. But overall they entertained the audience rather well and it was a fun concert.

Went looking for a new car yesterday. I think I'm pretty set on what I'm going to get - a Scion TC.
The car is pretty sweet. The top of it is all glass (basically an extended moonroof) and it gets about 26 miles per gallon. If I don't get a Scion I might get a newer Camry. But it'll probably be one of those two options. I'm thinking I'll probably get my new car this weekend and then maybe head to Erie for a visit. But it's all tentative for the moment.

I have a lot to do in my last 3 days so I should get to work....blah.

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