Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Being Sick Stinks

So I'm still sick. Yuck. Sore throat, stuffy nose, the works. At least I got to use one of my sick days before I left this place! Having the day off was nice. Yes I would rather be sick at home then be at World Gym. This probably doesn't surprise you. Got some cleaning done at my apartment. Brought my kitties back from their short stay at Clancy's. It was so funny to see Holly interact with Zoey, Gracie, and Jarvis. Margot basically hid under the bed the whole time. But if you know her, that's typical Margot. Let's just say, if Clancy and I do end up living together at some point we have some crazy pet adapting ahead of us.

Speaking of the dogs, Clancy and I took them for a walk yesterday and Gracie finally got the concept of being walked. Once in awhile she would stop in someone's driveway and just sit, but she was relatively well behaved. Zoey's still got some work to do, but she's pretty good too. We passed one of the neighbors and he volunteered himself to be a "stranger". He saw Clancy working with Zoey on walking beside him when she's on the leash, and I think he figured we watched Dog Whisperer. I found it funny that he offered himself up not really knowing what kind of temperment Zoey has. Not that she would bite him or anything, but he didn't know that. After our walk Clancy made us a yummy dinner. Chicken and mashed potatoes, mmmm. I hope he doesn't get mad that he cooks a lot of the time. I clean up though so at least I contribute :-)

Myspace is annoying. I had to change my password again because those weird captions were on my pictures for like the third time and that little girl picture showed up again. And then after I changed it, I couldn't log in for like 5 tries and it made me do some verification thing. I don't know what's going on. I don't understand how someone can get into my account and do that anyways. Aren't mac's supposed to be virus proof? Geesh. lol.

Well, work. Blah. I guess I have to. Peace peeps. hehe. GREAT BIG SEA FRIDAY!

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Anonymous said...

it's kate - they typically get in when you click on some sort of link and it'll trick you into thinking you're logging back into myspace when in reality it's a page that steals your password. chances are if you are asked to log back in, it's a trick. but then you probably know all this and the hackers have come up with some other way to do it.