Thursday, March 22, 2007

If I Could Escape...

I would recreate a place where I didn't have to work. lol. Some days it is sooo hard for me to get out of bed. Especially when Clancy's still in it ;-). Today is one of those days. But tomorrow I only have to work until 11 which is fabulous!! So I guess that makes today a lot better cuz it's sort of like a Friday, right?

Clancy and I went on a bike ride last night. The weather here has been so nice lately, but unfortunately I think that's all about to change for the weekend. Good thing the concert's indoors. The bike I was riding last night reminded me of something out of the Brady Bunch movie. It is this tall yellow beach cruiser bike. It even has a bell (and yes I had to try that out last night). I found a picture from when Clancy first bought it and emailed me the link. Isn't it cute? Anyways, it was such a relaxing ride and made me wonder why I ever stopped riding my bike as a kid. I would so rather get my exercise outdoors then in the gym any day. And it's something that he really enjoys and I'm glad we can share that.

Still feeling a little sickly. The morning's are always the worst, but once I'm up and take my medicine it's not so bad. I really don't want to be sick for tomorrow though... :-/ I can only hope. Looking forward to seeing my baby already ... I hate leaving him in the morning. Have good days everyone!

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Rachel @ Grace said...

that bike is hilarious. i remember i used to love riding my bike, but my parents always made me wear a helmet, so i stopped doing it cuz i felt like a dork!