Monday, March 19, 2007

Twas A Green Weekend

So we had a really good time this weekend. Headed out to Cleveland Saturday AM to meet up with some of Clancy's high school friends. When we went to check our bags at the Marriot there was this guy sleeping standing up in the hallway. It was hilarious. One of the hotel employees kind of shook him and asked him if he was ok. When I came out of the bathroom a little while later he was sitting on a bench sleeping again hunched forward. He looked like he was about to fall to the floor. This guy was wasted and it was only noon!

Ended up going to the St. Patrick's Day parade, which was surprisingly lame. I mean really, don't you remember as a kid going to a parade and getting tons of candy and watching actual floats go by? It seeemed like every time I paid attention there was some kind of law enforcement vehicle, firetruck, or ambulance going by. And it was kind of funny that the Great Lakes Brewery semi received the loudest applause. We stopped into the Hyatt for a little bit and lemme just say it was decked out in there. They were serving beer, hot chocolate, etc, and there were green and yellow streamers everywhere! I should have taken a picture - it looked really cool from the bottom floor looking several stories up at all the people/decorations. It was freeeeezing cold so we went back to the hotel for a little while and thought we'd let the bars calm down a bit before we headed out again. We ended up at this pizzeria/bar that only served beer. We had a good time though. And the hotel beds were SO comfortable. Gosh I think that we need to get a hotel room again just for fun. Sometimes it's nice to sleep in a bed other than your own, especially when it's so much softer

Sunday was my first time at Red Robin. Their burgers were actually pretty good. Except Clancy's was graced with a string. And no discount! What the hell. lol. After lunch we went and visited with Clancy's parents for a bit. It was a good visit and we chatted about World Gym of course and the weekend's activities. On the drive home started to feel the coming on of a sore throat and it was full force at about 3 this morning. Now I'm sitting at work feeling like crap from getting no sleep and being sick. Yuck. Hmm...sick day? Eh, maybe I'll stick it out. Yucky start to the work week. Blah.

Edit: So I just heard a really funny quote from Chris Rock's appearance on Conan - "The big question is… Is America ready for a black president? Well, I say we just had a retarded one. When did being black become a bigger deterrent than being retarded? I mean, I had a hard life, but it’s not as hard as I am Sam." - HILARIOUS

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