Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And The Crappy Weather Begins

Really, really irritated that I didn't get to enjoy the nice weather yesterday. Even left work at 4 on the dot for it. And now the rest of the week they're calling for rain, and possible snow on Saturday! Ugh. I just wanted to run, is that too much to ask? Watched the movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend last night cuz I was in need of some laughs. It was alright. I wasn't really expecting it to be anything but funny & cheesy so it met my expectations at least. I think I'll probably pick up my sneaks today and head to the gym then maybe watch Man of the Year that I got yesterday but didn't have time to watch. My kitties have been missing me so they'll enjoy the company.

What else? Oh my brother moved in with his girlfriend. He called me last night to tell me. I haven't met her yet, but I hope to soon. Probably the weekend after Easter I think I'll visit the fam. Didn't get my expected package in the mail last night. Was disappointed about that. Have to wait a few more days to share the good news...

Not in the greatest of moods today. Hopefully something will cheer me up. I just want to not feel like a bag lady. And for my apartment to feel like home.... I miss Erie.

See ya peeps.

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