Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's Official!

Yeah! I can finally talk about my good news! I have accepted an offer at a law firm in downtown Columbus as a graphic designer in their marketing department. I am super excited to be starting fresh in a new job. I put in my notice today at work which is what I was waiting for before I posted anything online. It's hard. On one hand I feel bad leaving because with Clancy gone and Anna on maternity leave they will be really shorthanded. On the other hand, I feel good leaving this environment. I felt like my personal life was brought up unprofessionally at times and also until recently, felt very unappreciated. Ah - it feels good knowing I have less than 2 weeks to go!

So Clancy and I finally got to meet baby Drew last night! He is ADORABLE! Anna showed us his scar from his open heart surgery. I can't believe how amazing it is that they can do that kind of surgery on such a small baby. He really is a miracle. I am so happy for them. Andrew couldn't have a better set of parents.

Well now that I'm leaving I have a million and half things to do. I have to help find my replacement for one. TGIF - tomorrow! :-)

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