Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's Hump Day

Ok I need to take a break from my STRESSful day and blog for a minute. This'll be a short one because I have a ton going on at work right now.

Yesterday was alright. I was pretty bummed out all day, stressed about a lot of different things. Met with Josh for our traditional boneless wing appetizer and half price drinks. It was nice to see him, it had been awhile and we caught up on Babies R Us "goings on" and of course him & Bri. They are so cute together and I'm glad he's found someone to make him happy. Clancy cancelled our plans last night which was kind of disappointing, so I decided to stay in and watch a movie. I saw Friends With Money with Jennifer Aniston. It was say the least. It was funny at times, but mostly just a really slow-going plot. And the funniest part was Jennifer Aniston played a job-jumping, petty-theft, pothead. Not a role I would ever have imagined her in. I was telling Clancy about it last night and he claimed she's a pothead in real life. I decided to see for myself and found this article.

My cats have been driving me NUTS lately! This morning they woke me up at like 5:30 batting around at my face and playing with toys. I hate waking up only an hour before I really have to. Then I can never fall back to sleep or feel well rested by the time I actually do get out of bed. It's been hard for me to get going lately in the mornings. I sleep sometimes until 10 til 7 when I usually leave the house at 7:30ish. Not good.

Hopefully I'll get to see Clancy tonight. I don't think I'm working out today so hopefully we can catch dinner or something. Well, I've got a lot to do this last hour so it's back to work.

Excerpt from Ben Harpers "Please Me Like You Want To":

So won't you: please please me like you want to
Not not like you have to
Oh won't you just go on and leave me
You know leaving me is the least that you could do

You could have spared me so much misery.
And told me you just wanted a friend.
Cuz believe me, there is a difference
When you mean it and when you pretend.

Oh, was I just your habit?
Cuz I know a habit is a hard thing to break.
But won't you spare me a little mercy?
There's only so much that I can take.

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Rachel @ Grace said...

i always wanted to see that movie... now that you said it was strange i wont. did you see rumor has it? that was also strange- i think she tends to be in some strange movies.

ah, the cats waking you up. that sucks. :-(

zelda cuaght a mouse last night!