Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's 5 And I'm Still At Work!

AAAAAH! I hate work right now! I am so stressed out trying to get everything done for tomorrow. I think I'm calling it a night for now though. An hour over is long enough. I'll probably come in a little early tomorrow.

So don't have much time to blog cuz I'm hopefully meeting Clancy in an hour or so, but I wanted to post these designy things that I saw on iStockphoto (under the Designer Spotlight section) that made me laugh today. The first one is for a pretty out there radio station. The other two were postcards sent out before the Wisconsin's State Senate election in 2006. The goal was to "flip" the senate from Republican to Democratic, which did successfully happen in November 2006. *(Hopefully I'm not offending anyone. I just think they're cool designs!) ;-)

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