Friday, February 23, 2007

Everyone's Getting Married

So I was perusing Myspace today and I swear sooo many people I know are either engaged or already married. Made me depressed. Ok, moving on.

Anna sent pics of the baby! He is soo cute. Everyone here is praying for him and her & the family are in our thoughts. Little Andrew has to have open heart surgery on Monday. Please put him in your prayers.

Tried to win John Mayer tickets this morning on the radio. They were front row!! Too bad I wasn't the 80 millionth caller or whatever. Anyways, his concert's tonight and I am SO bummed I am not going. I'm too broke to buy tickets or I would be up in that damn balcony!

Prince Harry is going to Iraq. Does anyone else find this strange? I mean, I think it's good how he is standing by his duty and everything, but I think this will cause too much attention on his fellow soldiers with him. Could be dangerous to have a prince in the line of duty. I don't know maybe I'm wrong. But he is too damn cute to get blown up!

So the Sex & the City movie is back on! I am so excited :-) I guess Kim Catrall was holding up production. She wanted to get paid the same amount of money as Sarah Jessica Parker. Can't say I blame her really. But come on - it's Sarah Jessica Parker! I wonder what the movie will be like. If it'll be a continuation of the show or more of a synopsis of all six seasons. But all the original cast will be back which is really good. It would be weird if new actors came on the scene for the movie.

Well an hour left at work! Ugh. Then probably a good workout since I missed the last two days. Maybe I'll do my taxes tonight....what a boring Friday. Have a good weekend everyone!

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