Monday, February 19, 2007

Bold [Er..bald?] As Britney

Britney's bald? What is up with this? I feel bad because the media's turning this into a cry for help. Maybe it is, but leave her alone. I think that the whole situation is probably a reaction to too much media attention in the first place!

Had another great, relaxing weekend. Saw a lot of my man which is always nice. Friday night we watched Butterfly Effect 2. Saturday I had a "Michelle" day; got my nails done, haircut, went out to lunch. It was actually really nice and I enjoyed the time to myself. Got a lot of my laundry done which was another plus. There's some direct correlation between dating someone and never having clean laundry (Sex & the City fact)! Rebecca's party was Saturday night at Stoly's bar. It was a good time. Didn't know too many people but spent 80% of the time with Joe anyways. We're buds. His hair was crrraazy and I made fun of him for it a bit. Should have taken a picture! After a few drinks I of course needed to see Clancy, so I sobered up a bit and drove out to Canal Winchester at midnight. It was .... fun ... to say the least ;-)

Got Holly back this weekend! She has a glued, shaved stomach. It looks so funny. I missed her a bunch so I'm glad she's back. She's got a vet appointment tonight for the rest of her shots. She's gonna love me later. lol. Had a lazy Sunday. Took a small nap cuz I was exhausted from Saturday night (after my 2:30am convo with Jenn ;-) and of course the drinking didn't help me get to sleep either). I also watched a Jewel concert on WOSU-TV. I haven't listened to her music in a long time, but she is fabulous! It made me want to go out and buy her CD. I probably will once I sort out my $$ situation. Last night Clancy and I had our "Spaghetti Sunday". I'm glad we have this tradition, it's fun. And the apple pie he brought over was A-mazing! Best pie I've had in a looong time, for real (It was Sara Lee - I strongly recommend her baked goods). We watched some House episodes, made each other laugh. So, so great. Oh I almost forgot to mention Anna had the baby Friday night! Andrew Robert came into the world at 9:30pm - 8lbs 15oz!! And I'm pretty sure she had a natural birth, so I can't even begin to imagine the pain of pushing out a 9 lb baby without drugs - yikes! Can't wait to meet him!

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Rachel @ Grace said...

so i remember you saying someting about your iPod being broken. what is wrong with it?

one time... mine would NOT come on. and i tried these steps, and it worked:

anyway. now i am thinking arbys. :-)