Friday, February 16, 2007

Almost The Weekend!

Currently, I am enjoying my Chicken Bacon & Swiss sandwich from Arby's. Mmmmm. And an apple turnover. I have been craving Arby's so much lately it's scary. But seriously their food is so good, especially compared to McDonald's which is right across the street from where I work. I have to drive 5 miles to get to Arby's but I'd rather not completely clog my arteries if I can help it. I did another 13 miles on the bike last night though, which always helps. Exercising is really helping me feel better in so many different ways. I know that sounds corny, but when I had been feeling kind of down a few people had suggested starting a workout plan and it really helped! I feel refreshed afterwards and usually don't get tired like I usually do when I get home from work. Now I just have to start eating better....yeah, RIGHT. lol.

Speaking of needing to eat better....I think I consumed way more food than I needed to last night. Yikes. Pizza, cookies, pancakes, pretzels (and coolwhip). Hmm, I think I need to keep my hunger cravings under control next time ;-).

I am missing my kitty!! Holly has been gone for like 2 weeks and I miss her! They keep switching her appointment at the shelter. It's really frusterating and I feel bad for Clancy's parents cuz they've been dealing with most of the issues since they're in town. I just hope once Clancy brings her back this weekend she's not scared again. She was just getting used to her surroundings and everything. I also hope she didn't catch anything while she was there. I know I can't afford any more vet bills anytime soon!

Well 2 more hours of work left and then a much needed workout! I get to see Marcelly too :-). Pet-sitting for Jaymee for the weekend (which isn't half bad considering I'll be watching her Rebecca's party is tomorrow night. Looking forward to having a few drinks. Haven't went out to a bar in awhile so it'll be fun. Let's hope for a fun-filled weekend! Wishing I had off for President's Day :-/. I wonder if Anna had the baby yet...

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