Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm Lifted

I think my faith in love was reaffirmed for me yesterday. That probably makes some of you gag, but hey it's my blog. I'm really happy, and waking up next to him this morning just felt right. I'm so thankful to have him in my life.

So yesterday was Valentine's Day, AND I was off work due to the weather! It was great - second day in a row! The roads were clear by afternoon so I was able to get some errands done. Clancy came bearing a dozen red roses - the ever traditional Valentine's Day flower. I made his favorite cookies and surprised him with Great Big Sea tickets!! Yes, they're coming to Columbus in March. If we have "a song" it would have to be When I'm Up by Great Big Sea. So their music is pretty meaningful. I made him a Great Big Sea calendar and on the back had lyrics from some of their songs that make me think of us. We did some shopping at Easton and went to dinner at P.F. Chang's. It was so nice to see all the couples out and about. A lot of girls walking around were holding longstemmed roses. There were just so many smiles. It was nice to see.

It makes me wonder though why there has to be one assigned day a year to show the person you love how you feel. Can't it be ongoing? I mean nothing extravagant, but why not show the person you are in love with how you feel every day? That is what holds a relationship together. Now I'm not saying to get rid of Valentine's Day because I've always loved the holiday, but just for everyone to be more aware of showing how they feel all year. Ok now I'm sounding like a Hallmark card or something.

Good news! My friend Anna is being induced tomorrow! Craziness. I am so happy for her. Hopefully the little bundle of joy will arrive tomorrow and she won't still be in labor Saturday. I think she's going for a natural birth. She'll be in my thoughts tomorrow for sure!

So random side note, did you know Daylight Savings Day has changed? It used to fall on the first Sunday in April and this year it is set to start on March 11th. This will cause chaos with pre-programmed technologies like your computer or palm pilot. Should be interesting. Well that's it for today, I'm going to finish my lunch. Man, it's going to be lonely here without Clancy & Anna...

*Thought I'd post the calendar I made for Clancy. I know my design friends will appreciate it ;-)

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