Friday, January 25, 2008

Reader Participation Required*

Twenty-Seven Dresses will be seen this weekend. I'll go by myself if I have to!
(Although a special someone offered to tag along if my friends bailed. Secretly, I think he wants to see Katherine Heigl on the big screen.)

Grocery shopping is another must. Unless I want to eat peanut butter and fluff sandwiches all weekend.

I have to catch up on LOST before the new season starts next week. Rent DVDs (check). Free time (check). I think my TV and I will become very well acquainted.

Five o' clock cannot come any faster! I wish I had the remote from Click so I could fast forward to Saturday night!

*Now it's your turn!
This weekend I __________________. You can do it TGIF style if you want!


MrsTwink said...

This weekend I....

T - Twenty-Seven Dresses will also be seen by me. I made a date with my pal to see it tomorrow.

G - Guitar Hero! No joke - I need to get through the Easy level before people realize that I'm not really a master of this game... YET.

I - I also have to grocery shop but I didn't want to make that my "G" because that would have been copying your list too much. :)

F - Floss needs to be purchased and used daily to prevent any MORE cavities (I have 6!).

Passionista said...

This weekend:
T-Try to pack, I have barely made a dent in my impending move.
G-Going to church after 6 years!
I-Install my wireless router.
F-Finish my article, that I haven't started, which is due February 1st!

ChasingParadise said...

T - Toast a glass of wine with B, after the worst work week I've had in a long time.

G - Girl time with my bestests!

I - I will allow myself two indulgences this weekend (think I've earned it lately). I'm thinking good take-out and some dessert!

F - Five o'clock takes forever to get here. When it IS finally 5, I'm going to blast my radio and ride home singing!

Have a great weekend Michelle!

bohemiangypsyqueen said...

T - Try to avoid going shopping with the fashion-less gay boy (what an oxymoron) visiting for the week.

G - Get comfy and snuggle down this evening and sing HALLELUJAH for the work week being done.

I - I promise to myself that I WILL go and get chili-cheese fries from Steak & Shake before the weekend is over. I have deprived myself for far too long.

F - Find time to update my resume. Ahhh, fabulous.


Sparkel said...

I wanna see 27 Dresses too! But no one will go with me.

The only things I'm doing this weekend are sleeping, studying and watching Friday Night Lights. Oh the excitement my life contains...

Have a good weekend girly :D

puremotif said...

T - taking the time to sleep in tomorrow morning!!
G - getting outside to take down the christmas lights. (yeah right)
I - I need to watch lots of tv as well
F - Fun with food and the kitties and my friends!

cady said...

i did it on my blog!

Scotty said...

T - Toga will be hosting a 'Game night'

G - Girly movie has already been seen. 27 Dresses. Oh, and P.S. I Love you.

I - Its 7am and I am ready for some good weekend time.

F - Friday, is always something to look forward to.

Carrie said...

T: Talk myself into going to Kung Fu.

G: Get working on all the looming papers/midterms that are sneaking up on me like a bat out of hell!

I: Invest some quality time with my mom, dad and their cock-a-poo named Sandi.

F: Fail to resist the winter sidewalk sales going on at my local mall.

janet said...

love this idea:

T - The Wire -- I have two DVDs of back episodes to watch

G - Grocery store. It's a MUST, my fridge is bare.

I - Invited friends over for dessert tomorrow night

F - Finally clean and organize my bathroom (I will, I really will this time, I swear)

lspoon said...

This weekend I will celebrate my dating anniversary with my husband!

theselittlemoments said...

T- Two rooms will be painted. The bedroom and the bathroom!

G- Groceries must also be purchased.

I- I will be drinking martinis tonight.

F- Finally a weekend where Michael is off!

PS- 27 Dresses was super cute. You'll love it!

Jess said...

Ten o'clock is the earliest I am going to get out of bed. And it might be much later than that.

Going out to dinner with Torsten's boss and his wife tomorrow. Fun!

Invitations must be dealt with, for the wedding. Or at least, the guest list and the translation of the invitation, save the date, and wedding website into German must happen.

Finally watching Harry Potter 3 with Torsten. Then we can watch 4 and then we can FINALLY watch 5. I've already seen the first 4 and I am just waiting for Torsten to catch up.

fort knocks said...

Good idea by you on this one.

Take my car to get a sadly overdue oil change.

Get comfortable with the really cute, eligible babysitter who will be at my house tomorrow, as my family awkwardly tries to matchmake for my brother.

Impatiently wait for the Super Bowl next weekend and the trip to San Francisco the weekend after.

Funkin party a little bit, huh?

Jamie Lovely said...

Hopefully, I will see 27 Dresses! I also have to study like a madwoman for my test that covers like 12 chapters on Monday :(

Also, go shopping but it's not for anything fun. Scrubs and ugly nurse shoes for my class. Too bad Louboutin doesn't make nursing shoes.

Maria said...


Actually, you can watch Lost online, seasons 1-3 at

valediction said...

(AH i want to see 27 dresses! going to have to wait a bit though, damn)

T- take my little brother out to dinner and hang out with him in atlanta
G - go to atlanta (pray for no snow and quick flights)
I - imagine myself enjoying some time in a hotel, relaxing
F - fraternity parties with the brother... should be interesting. ahhh college

enjoy your weekend!

Vanessa said...

Need to work on my writing! Nothing else, just that. Ok, well, maybe feed the dogs...S.O.? Yeah, he's on his own!

ashley said...

I am headed on a little vacation with my sister, mom, and niece. Girls weekend..I'm pretty excited.

Maxie said...

T- Taking time to catch up on my google reader, clean my room, and pack for my upcoming work trip.

G- Going to see the Golden Compass

I- Investing in some new clothes for work

F- Finding time to get a good nights rest.

I love this idea... So cute!!!

So@24 said...

Katherine... Heigl...


Jenni said...

T - Try to get some more organization done at my place. I still don't feel like I even live there...maybe that's because I spend 1/2 of each week & every weekend at Jason's... :)

G - Going out with friends tonight...boyfriends and all!

I - I'm going to see my little sister's school performance of Aladdin on Sunday.

F - Forget about work for 48 straight hours!

sassafras said...

T- Taxes need to be figured out.

G - Get organized in the apartment (never ending).

I - Indulge in some tasty wine.

F - Fun day tomorrow with hubby!

the fanny said...

T - Try to get my house in order

G - Get to bed at a reasonable hour

I - I will watch a lot of CSI

F - FREAK OUT that the boy is coming in ONE WEEK.

Have a great weekend Michelle!


autobiographyofmyfeet said...

I soooo want to see 27 dresses, I might just have to go this weekend too! said...

T-Thursday I might have three internship applications finished.
G-Got to go do some work instead of blog reading.
I-I get to see my nephew tomorrow and my other nephew will be born in about three weeks.
F-Facebook keeps me happy with new superpokes, but if they take off Scrabulous, I'll be really upset.

JMC said...

T - Taking my daughter to her SAT test (no I'm not quite that old - it's one of those take it in middle school things)

G - Grocery shopping for me as well.

I - I don't know what else.

F - Flying by the seat of my pants because [see I].

courtney said...

T-The Number 23 and Little Miss Sunshine. Bought them with my Christmas money and haven't watched them yet! Excited to!

G-Get myself a music journalism position. Quickly! My practicum proposal was supposed to be due today but my adviser gave me an extension because no one is answering my phone calls!

I-I must catch up on homework. Sounds like a pretty dull weekend activity, but I tend to do more homework during the weekend and more hanging out with friends during the week. It just seems easier to spread the work out than to force myself to do it all at once.

F-Find something to eat besides peanut butter cups and pretzels. I have been tres unhealthy the past few days...

Yoda said...

I have a modest goal for this weekend. I just want to make out with J ;-)

Whatcha say, will it happen? LOL!

Ripe for Reading said...

YES! Finally! I found someone who watches Lost aside from my boss! : )

Yay new season!!!!

Have a great weekend!

rebecca said...

I'm being a bum and not doing the TGIF format, mainly because I'm too tired and cracked out on caffeine (weirdo combo) to think of things that start with those letters. However, my very best friend is in town for the weekend, so I'm enjoying some time with her, especially since it's been about four months since the last time we've hung out. I now have to plan my big move to my new apartment, which is on Thursday! Holy crap. And, my last Ladies Who Launch incubator is on Sunday, so I've got that to go to!


k said...

If you need someone to see 27 Dresses with, you should hop a plane out here. Sunday night - 8:20show. Drinks beforehand. Lots of girl bonding.

Hiya, I'm Kristie. said...

Tomorrow I have a wedding to attend. Yay for cake!

Gotta get some shoes, tonight, for the wedding outfit.

I have a doctor's appointment in 2 hours to get myself a shot in the ass so I won't be sick for the wedding.

Finally, I must do grocery shopping so my family doesn't starve.

Happy almost weekend!

Banana said...

I have to work. again. Also, Sicko finally arrive from Netflix, so that's on the list.

swaaaan said...

This weekend:
T-ackling the moutainous pile of clothing that is my laundry. I plan on folding it and putting away too instead of just pulling from the clean pile as needed.

G-etting my online portfolio up-to-date. Granted, it's not as bad as it was, but there's just a LITTLE more tinkering to be done.

I-nstalling spice racks on the wall above my stove that still needs to be painted.

F-at bowls. I will smoke lots of them. :)

I wish you were coming to my "valetnine's day is for suckers" party too! I'll just have to come out there and visit. :)

graffiti.girl.designs said...

T - twenty seven dresses was on my list to see all week, unfortunately i have not seen it yet, maybe i will still convince someone for this weekend

G - good parties, sat night welcome home party for one of our groomsmen (he's back from iraq), sunday is sean's dad's bday dinner

I - ick for how much work i have to do this weekend, i mean i am happy for the work, but why does it cluster on the weekend

F - fiance comes home after being gone since sunday, yay!

can we tell i was really reaching on some of those letters?

ttcmb said...

This weekend I am looking forward to a surprise and some time to myself.

Larissa said...

Lost starts soon - I totally forgot! I'm not just MADE my day.

Love you!

mcgee said...

27 Dresses was sooo cute! I saw it with DS and another blogger last weekend! Enjoy!

This weekend I'm meeting a Bay Area reader who delurked to me via email, but doesn't have her own blog. =)

Nilsa S. said...

T: Thigh-busting workouts
are a must!
G: Going to a networking
lunch with my mother-in-
law-to-be will be good
girl bonding time.
I: Idle time if I can catch
any, though it will be
F: Fun Saturday couples
night with my dear friend
and her new boyfriend!

Have a great weekend!

ana said...

T - Try to get all the pending jobs done (bOring!)

G - Go to a concert (infected mushroom) and not head bang my neck into knots.

I - Invest in therapy : new shoes

F - Figure out a way to outsource my life....

Nic said...

This weekend i will hunt down a damn cinnabon!

Katelin said...

Lovely idea Michelle.

Travel to Santa Barbara.

Go to a 30th birthday party.

I can't wait to ride in a limo (I love limos)

Fun weekend ahead and 6:30 can't come soon enough!

Happy weekend! :)

Hazel said...

This weekend I will relax and play with my new computer! And do some homework...the joys of being a student again.

M said...

T- Thankfully my last three night shifts are this weekend

G- God can the weekend end sooner so I don't have to work in the middle of the night anymore?

I- I can't wait till Tuesday morning... the end of my last night shift

F- For the love of God... I can't wait for the weekend (to be over that is!)

PrincessPolly said...

This weekend I plan to catch up on my sleep! I made my boyf take me grocery shopping tonight so I'm sorted for that, and now the only thing I have to decide is whether I can be bothered venturing over to my sister's flat tomorrow night. I'm probably going to base my decision on whether the weather has improved. If it hasn't, I'll be staying snuggled under my covers! Enjoy your weekend Michelle! :)

Tina Vaziri said...

Michelle, come watch Lost with me. I want to rewatch some of them to refresh my memory before the new season starts!

maverick said...

Take-out! I'm thinking Chinese.

Gonzaga takes on #1 Memphis tomorrow morning 9 am on ESPN. I am acutally thrilled to roll out of bed and get the coffee on just in time for a basketball game.

Ice Ice Baby. In case it warms up to 32*

Fergie--Yeah I've got some cleaning to do and I intend to use that time to brush up on my spaz dance moves

midnite99 said...

Boring weekend: Sleep sleep sleep. And then sleep some more. That's the goal, anyway. Reality will be: take pain meds, wait 45 minutes for them to kick in, sleep two hours, wake up the minute the meds wear off, wait an hour until I can take another dose. This is the worst sore throat I have ever ever had.

Stealth said...

T - Think I am going to kill my baby daddy.

G - get to be publically proclaimed an apostate by my soon-to-be-former cult as they abbounce that I'm a filthy, gay sinner to everyone who shows up for church on Sunday.

I - I will be counting the days until my divorce is final.

F- Finally, I'll be free.

1218Blog said...

This weekend I am going to clean, clean, and then clean some more. I am having visitors on Sunday and need to clean my house.

Virginia said...

I still really need to go see 27 Dresses! I am in desperate need for a chick flick. And LOST?! Ohmigod how excited am I that it starts in SIX DAYS!!! If you ever need to borrow the DVDs, just let me know. Though I may have worn them down from my constant need to see Jack and Sawyer shirtless.

Miss A said...

am i the only person who doesn't understand why 'tgif'?

Miss A said...

am i the only person who doesn't understand why 'tgif'?

Jenn said...

T - Try to finish the last quilt in the very old bunch -- so can justify making more!

G - Get resume updated!

I - I have to paint my toenails

F - Find the remote for the DVD player.

Thanks that was fun!

just me said...

All I can think about now is peanut butter and fluff.

Godamnit, that shit is good.

Princess Pointful said...

This Friday was... dinner with friends that took 2.5 hours because our waitress sucked so much!!
Today is dishes and homework.
And tonight is a birthday party!

daily editor said...

Tonight I'm going to see the band that's playing at my wedding. I'm going with my fiance and two of our friends.

Going to meet with a realtor tomorrow to talk about buying a house!

I want to watch the last episode of the My So-Called Life DVDs I got for Christmas.

Finally hope book the hotels for our honeymoon.

Kate said...

Tried on wedding dresses for the first time (very exciting and quite surreal experience)

Going to see Bon Jovi (oh yeah, I'm so cool...)

I didn't make it to the cupcake parlour before closing time

Forgot I'd brought work with me for the weekend.. for awhile, anyway.

Jennifer said...

I saw 27 Dresses this weekend (by myself) and it was worth it! Good movie!

Rebecca said...

I saw 27 dresses! But I am a bit traumatized by what happened while I was watching it (you can read about it on my blog).

raven-smiles said...

I know it's Sunday, but I still wanted to participate. :-)

T - Twenty-Seven Dresses was seen by me. Loved it!

G - Get dressed up for movie awards Sunday. Oh, and go to the gym.

I - I have to do my homework. It's a necessary evil.

F - Figure out how to play more Wii games. I'm not necessarily good at video games, so it takes me awhile.

alyndabear said...

Peanut butter and fluff? You have me officially confused, Michelle. :P

Love all your splurges and shopping purchases (I'm catching up on my slack blog reading lately so well done.)

And I CAN'T WAIT to see 27 dresses. I love Katherine Heigl, she's my girl crush.

Julie Q said...

the last 7 eps of last season of LOST are ridiculously amazing. i wish i could watch them again for the first time

Ashley said...

I wanted to go see 27 Dresses and I didn't get a chance. Perhaps I will go tonight. There are soooo many movies I want to see right now, and that is extremely rare!

BM said...

It's Sunday night, but I wanted to do this anyway:

*T*ook some time out to clean, I'm trying to develop the habits of doing my weekly chores ..WEEKLY :)

*G*ot to go to the gym on Saturday, damn proud of myself.

*I*gnored things that bothered me during the week.

*F*inally doing some studying :$

Definately want to watch 27 dresses too! Hope you had a good one!

DG said...

So I'm TOTALLY late - sorry! - so no TGIF for me! Hope the weekend was fantastic and hope you loved 27 dresses!

sweetanemone said...

Hope you laughed at 27 Dresses as much as I did :) Totally lost as to what a TGIF is but hey, it's been great to catch up on your life!

She Likes Purple said...

What did you think of 27 Dresses?

Joanne said...

I saw 27 dresses with my friends last weekend, it was better than I thought. My favorite quote from it is this: "I feel like I just found out my favorite love song was about a sandwich."