Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend Recap - Cedar Point

It's Monday.
It's Columbus Day.
I'm working.

Those three things do not make me a happy person. What does make me a happy person you ask? Spending time with the love of my life and his family at Cedar Point. It was HOT (near 90 degrees, hi Fall? when are you coming?), but we still managed to have fun.

We arrived late on Saturday night to Clancy's parents' house. Chatted, watched sports (gasp! even we were surprised) and basically made fun of each other. An all around good time. I am glad that I can say truthfully that I love his parents. (I know some of you aren't as lucky in that department, so for this I am definitely grateful.)

Sunday morning his older sister (who's pregnant and just found out she's having a girl! yay!) with family in tow showed up at the house. Her son Jack will be turning 2 at the end of the month and we brought his birthday present because with our Nashville trip we'll likely miss the celebration. He opened it while we were there and was so excited that he wanted to open. the. boxes. now. pleaseandthanks. We got him his very first Mr. Potato Head, what kid wouldn't love that? And two accessory packs to boot (the king and construction worker). Clancy proceeded to ask "What, they didn't have the whole Village People accessory kit available?" Haha babe. You're so funny.

Shortly after the Mr. Potato Head reveal we left for the roller coaster capitol of the world - Cedar Point. The occasion - Clancy's father's work picnic. Which means free food and ice cream, and of course we took advantage of this upon arrival. Filled up on hot dogs and fried chicken we moved on to the kiddy park. We watched Jack ride a few rides (his first trip to an amusement park!), and took a spin on the merry-go-round. Yes, even Clancy :)

We proceeded on to Camp Snoopy, rode the Paddlewheel Excursions, the train and of course a few roller coasters. Some of the favorites included:
(Mantis-top left, Corkscrew-top right, Gemini-bottom left)

The one Clancy really wanted to ride? The Top Thrill Dragster (bottom right)

I'm kind of regretting not riding that one to tell you the truth. I'm sure Clancy's reading this right now thinking to himself "Yeah, right". I am afraid of roller coasters to an extent. Ones with really high, straight drops usually. And hello? 420 feet - that's like really. high. But I regret it for the simple fact that I'm sick of chickening out. Of not taking risks. I've decided I'm going to try to throw caution to the wind more often in my life. Spice things up a bit. We'll see how that goes. So babe? We should totally make the trip next weekend and ride the damn thing! Take me before I change my mind! And let's ride there in this:

We were about to leave the park, but decided one more coaster - the Raptor, my favorite. We walked to the front of the park ready to get in line and saw the dreaded waiting sign. 45 minutes. We gave each other a look as if to say "45 minutes? Shit, there's always next year." What happened to the days of waiting 6 hours in line for one 2.5 minute ride? We're old, that's what happened.

So I'm sitting in my office right now:
-a little sunburned
-with a swollen ankle from getting off one of the rides
-but wishing we could do it all over again, right now

P.S. I love you and you look super cute in your bike shirt I bought for your birthday. Just thought I'd mention that.


karen said...

i just posted all about my boy too!
glad you guys had a great weekend! i would love to go to cedar point sometime.

Kristen said...

i haven't been to cedar point in YEARS...i always wanted to go for Halloweekends. :) the mantis is my all time favorite.

libby said... and clance are too freakin' cute! sounds like an amazing weekend!!

Clink said...

You guys are adorable. I can't deal.

And also - I'm working too. And NONE TOO HAPPY ABOUT IT.

Katelin said...

i'm working too! boo on that.

but i love cedar point. i only went once when i was in ohio and i wish i went again. that roller coaster looks amazing!

mcgee said...

i feel you with the working. i'm at work also. blah. i am being a rebel and reading blogs instead of working though. serves them right. hmph.

also? so great that you get along well with clancy's family! you two are so cute!

Angela said...

Oh my God, that roller coaster looks simultaneously awesome and vomit inducing! Sounds like an awesome weekend :)

erin said...

Cedar Point - so fun! I am going to Six Flags this Friday and can't wait! I haven't been to an amusement park in so long, I think I'll be weird about the scary rides too.

I am trying to not complain about the heat because before long it will be snowing and I will cry.

rachel said...

aw... your picture is so cute. that roller coaster looks scary as freak. i wouldn't have gone on it etiher probably!

someone just offered me 3 free tickets but we dont have time to go.


Lisa said...

You guys look so adorable. Your smile spells tiredbutridiculouslyhappy. :D

420 foot drop, and it looks steep. I don't think I could do that. I'd pass out halfway.

alyndabear said...

Gah! I love theme parks.. want to go!

Tina Vaziri said...

Sounds like you had a blast! What a great weekend! You two are so cute!

tshirtandjeans said...

i love the iron dragon! my favorite as well! have a good ride on it for me next time you go :)

tshirtandjeans said...

lol replace iron dragon with raptor - i'm tired and working on school stuff so my brain apparently mixes up lizards.

Hope said...

I'm terrified of rollercoasters, so just the fact that you went on all those other ones? Makes you pretty brave to me and not at all a chicken!

You two are adorable!

La said...

You guys are adorable! And I wish I had your courage; when I was younger, I adored amusement parks. Now, you couldn't pay me to go!

stilettoheights said...

sounds fun...though the heat was killing me all weekend.

onebigholiday said...

I wasn't too happy about being at work yesterday either.

I'm so glad you had a great weekend!

...BeccaLynn said...

Hehe. I am usually like you, in that I chicken out on most of the rides. But then I'll take a chance on the really crazy looking ones, thinking that I should take more risks and quit playing it so safe. And I never regret it. Ever.
One time last year, we went to a dinky carnival thing that was in town. And there was this ride that I swore to myself I would never go on. It was the one where it's a huge oval and you're in your own little pod and your pod spins around while the whole thing spins around too.
I was TERRIFIED! DO YOU HEAR THOSE SCREAMS FROM THOSE POOR INNOCENT PEOPLE. They are screams of people waiting to DIE. I refused for a good half hour, then he finally got me on it after a really boring (Amd expensive) 2 minutes on the ferris wheel. And it while I was on it, I actually contemplated the pleasure I would get out of hurting him for convincing me to do it (I think I even told him I hated him :-/ In a jocular manner of course) But after I got off, my adrenaline was flowing and I had actually enjoyed the last few minutes of it.
And I was also proud of myself for taking that leap, and happy that however terrifying it was (I screamed in tones I didn't even know I was capable of), I had my rock beside me comforting me through it.

Anyway. I agree with Lib. You guys are adorable. Can I squeeze your cheeks? ;-)

nancypearlwannabe said...

See? Who says you can't have fun when it's 90 in October!

Michelle said...

I LOVE Cedar Point and haven't been there in YEARS. Looks like you had a great day. Enjoy this weather while it's here. I'm yearning for fall too, but I bet I'll be singing a different song come January.

molly said...

I'm glad you had a good time and that you get along with his parents. Trust me, the alternative is not so fun.

L B said...

cedar point = good time!
and yes, fall where are you?! sorry you had to work yesterday, I had school. Who doesn't want a three day weekend? You think everyone would jump on the chance---boooo to those who make executive decisions to work more. Boooo!

tiff said...

my friends made me ride the top thrill dragster, and while we were waiting in the 30min line, there were all sorts of signs about how you can die, and how they had to defy laws of gravity blah blah ARE YOU KIDDING ME? They had to literally push me on to that monster, and it was over 60 seconds later but I did not enjoy it.

And then later I got the crap scared out of me by a freakin' ghost.

Haha, that's my fun Cedar Point experience. I think I'll try broad daylight in the summertime with only the rides I love (like the Magnum) over and over again.

Princess Pointful said...

Wow- now that is what a long weekend is about!
(even if, you know, it wasn't really a long weekend, what with the Monday working and all!

L Sass said...

Oh man, I haven't been on a roller coaster in SO LONG!! You look like you had a great time; I'm jealous!

Mim said...

So I'm way behind on my reading of your blog. I'm from Ohio and LOVE Cedar Point. My Husband is from Cincinnati and is die hard Kings Island...we all know which one is better.

Top Thrill Dragster is so worth it. it's only 10 seconds long but the first time I ever rode it I was cracking up laughing when we pulled back into the station.