Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Move Over Ebert & Roeper

Over the long holiday weekend, amidst all my "free laboring" (you see, Clancy owns the house and he's not paying me; not in cash at least), I had the time to enjoy several movies. Since I'm sure there are other movie-lovers like me out there in the blogging world, I thought I'd give you my two cents. That way you can update your queue on Blockbuster Online or Netflix, whichever you prefer.

(Sidenote: I used to have Netflix and switched because with Blockbuster you can return your online rentals at any of their locations and exchange them for new movies right away! On top of that as soon as they are scanned into the system your online queue will send you the next movie(s) on your list. Sometimes I have 4 movies at a time even though I'm signed up for the 2-at-a-time plan. Can you tell I'm obsessed?)

Because I Said So was watched sans-Clancy and I have to say I was happy about that. Total chick flick. (Plus there was this scene where Diane Keaton & Mandy Moore's characters talk about how an orgasm feels and I'm sure that would have been an awkward moment for him). Several friends had warned me that Diane Keaton is a hard-to-swallow character in this movie --- and were they ever right! I swear if she was my mother in real life I would have to kill her. To sum up, she places an online personal ad "Mother Seeking Life Partner for Daughter". The guy she finds, although very handsome, totally doesn't get Millie (Mandy Moore). But you'll have to watch it to find out what happens for yourself. I give it 4 Stars. Especially since Piper Perabo was in it. And I LOVE HER.

Fracture definitely has an interesting plot. Anthony Hopkins' character kills his wife, confesses to the murder, but manages to evade conviction. The movie goes through his trial with a plot twist at the end. I don't want to give too much away, but I was disappointed in the way the "twist" was executed. There was no real "climax". They built up and built up this storyline, but didn't release all the tension. It was a let down. I give it 3 stars. Not two and a half like I should, because how could I not enjoy a movie where I got to see this face over and over again? Yummy.

Pathfinder is a total "manly man" film. Rough and tough Vikings vs. the native Indians. It takes place over 1000 years ago pre-Columbus. A little boy was abandoned by his Viking father because he refuses to kill someone. He was taken in and raised at a nearby Indian village. The Vikings return several years later to conquer the land for themselves and Ghost (the now grown-up little boy) is there to defend the Indians. It's basically a Viking Braveheart. Loved it. And I will admit I tried to get out of watching the movie when I saw the cover (However there is a lot of gore. And swordfighting. Consider yourself warned). Huge plus for tying in a little bit of romance when you know girlfriends will be dragged in to watching the film. I give it 4.5 stars.

And lastly...
The Ex is a Blockbuster exclusive. A little cheesy in parts, but since when has Zach Braff not played a cheesy character? He is a GREAT actor in my opinion. Clancy might disagree with that statement after seeing The Last Kiss. But would probably agree with me that he is oh-so-fabulous in Scrubs. Anyways, back to the movie. The young couple moves to Ohio (YAY!) to start over after Zach's character loses his job. He ends up working for his father-in-law at an ad agency along with his wife's handicapped ex-lover. Interesting, right? Right. I give it 3.5 stars. You should definitely watch it, because why would you not want to see cheerleading moves like this one:

Oh Wise Internets (as Libby says) - do you agree with any of my reviews or have any good movie recommendations for a semi-obsessed movie renter like me?


alyndabear said...

I've only seen Because I Said So, and spent most of the movie admiring Mandy Moore's pretty hair and clothes. Hee.

Clink said...

I haven't seen any of the above (I'm a bit behind on my movie-renting) but I too love Piper Perabo for no discernible reason.

cdp said...

Yay! McD and I are movie obsessed as well (I don't think I spelled that right) and now I have some new selections to check out. Score! Second on the Zach Braff love. Me likey.

Knocked Up was a hoot, if you didn't see it in theater you should totally rent when it comes out on dvd. Also clearly I recommend Superbad and Bourne Ultimatum. Hmm. What else have we watched recently? We watched Inside Man this weekend with Jodie Foster and Denzel Washington. It wasn't like blow you away great. It was pretty good, though; and I LURVE Denzel Washington. Imo, worth checking out.

elysa said...

good news ... I'm finally caught up on all of my unread posts for you in my reader so you shouldn't suddenly find 10 comments from me again - at least not until next month.

#2 - I am a total movie junkie and I am in love with Blockbuster online. I have seen all but one of the movies you've mentioned.

Because I Said So - laughed my ass off at this movie, my mom is kind of like the mom in this.

Frature - I liked it a lot, way more than 2.5 to 3 stars. I love movies you have to figure out.

Pathfinder - never seen it, not my style

The Ex - love Zach, hated The Last Kiss, lots of laughing during The Ex

I wish I could export my Blockbuster movie ratings list I bet you'd like most of the ones I rated well.

Princess Pointful said...

Mmm. Me loves Ryan Gosling.

molly said...

I haven't seen any either but wanted to see The Ex. Wasn't it in theaters for like a minute?

One Hundred Eighty Degrees said...

Ryan Gosling is very hot. Is that Jason Bateman? Awesome. I really miss Arrested Development.

rachel said...

i love blockbuster online! it is so wonderful. although i wasn't happy about the rate increase that is about to happen (we had the lowest cheapest plan).

I really liked Because I said so, and i totally agree with you about Diane Keaton's character. It was just a bit too much - and over-acted, I thought. so much sighing and "oks, and ums and repeating" herself. but i enjoyed mandy moore's outfits as well!

i laughed at the ex, although found it just... plain weird and awkward at times. it was stressful.

we just went and saw license to wed at the dollar theater. i laughed really hard at it. it was super cute - plus it has jim from the office and a few other Office character cameos, so how can you go wrong?

knocked up was also frickin hilarious! although awkward for me at times (you'll know why when/if you see it - lots of drug/sex reference)

oh, and i dont know how you feel about period-type movies, but i saw jane austen - the movie, and it was fantastic. Also, Marie Antoinette. I absoultely loved that movie.

I also love the Holiday. I own them both.

that's my 2 cents!!!

onebigholiday said...

I watched Because I said so and seriously wanted to kill the mom. I love Mandy Moore but that movie hurt me...haha it was definitely hard to watch. Great movie reviews!

DG said...

I loved Because I said So. Totally up my alley. And I should rent The Ex.

Lisa said...

You know, I like Mandy Moore. But I could not STAND her in Because I Said So. Or in License to Wed. Her characters are totally unbelievable lately. Come on, Mandy!

But the cakes were all cool

The Lisa Show (or the other Lisa) said...

I love Piper Perabo. I find her so adorable, I can't explain it.

I saw The Last Kiss. It was okay. I didn't die watching it or anything. Haha. I've yet to see The Last Kiss though.