Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Semi-Material Girl

Ah, the wonders of being a woman. Some days when I'm getting ready in the morning I dread the time it takes to look all 'perty' (not that I would be caught dead at work looking how I do when I roll out of bed!).

I wouldn't consider myself a prissy girl - and trust me there are days when I don't "put my face on" - but I like taking the time to look nice. Now this is by no means a paid advertisement/post (so annoying!), but I thought I'd share some products I recently bought that I am OH. SO. IN. LOVE. WITH. for all my ladies out there in the blogging world.

Maybelline - Define a Lash Mascara
Best mascara ever! Hands down. My lashes have never looked so long! Warning: The brush is very flexible which is a great thing, but can lead to the splattering of mascara all over your nice, clean suit when trying to cram it back into the tube. You have been forewarned.

Cover Girl - Line Exact Eye Liner
I don't know about the rest of you, but it has always been a nightmare for me to put on eyeliner. In fact, in high school I gave up wearing it because it would frusterate the hell out of me. Other girls made it look so damn easy with their perfectly straight lines. Frankly, it made me question my feminism. Well, for any of you struggling with the same problem I present to you the miracle worker of eyeliners. Draw tiny dots across your lids and play connect-the-dots. It's a cinch! P.S. - Make sure you shake it first!

Loreal - Bare Naturale Powder Foundation
I have the blush of this product too. It hardly feels likes you're wearing makeup at all. I love it!

When we stayed over night at Clancy's parents' this past weekend, I realized how much makeup I have accumulated over the past few weeks (when I tried to stuff it all into my overnight bag because hello! don't want to look heinous in front of the boy's 'rents). I decided to broaden my horizons because I have worn the same products for like - well, forever, sticking with what was safe. I figured - why not live it up? Be bold.

So tell me, what are some of your favorites?


onebigholiday said...

I just got bare essentuals....It's definitely not bad. A lot to carry when you are going to the gym but very lightweight. I basically love anything Nars....awesome!

libby said...

i normally don't wear much makeup...my skin is SO SENSITIVE its annoying sometimes. I just am working on moisturizing and keeping it zit-free! au naturel...lol

Princess Pointful said...

I should maybe stop just getting the cheapest stuff that isn't utter dirt, hey??
I do love Victoria Secret's lip gloss, though!

One Hundred Eighty Degrees said...

I love Lorac concealer and Diorshow mascara. Also addicted to Philosophy's coconut milk lipgloss. :)

molly said...

I don't know how the L'Oreal one stacks up, but I LOVE Bare Minerals. It makes my face look perfect.

rachel said...

I always wanted to try Sheer Cover - have you seen those infomercials? Right now I am definitely stuck in a rut using Cover Girl pressed powder (the one that smells like Noxema), blush, and usually 2-3 kinds of eyeshadow using techniques I've seen on What Not to Wear. I have heard that Great Lash is the single best mascara out there. I might try the one you suggested Michelle!

DG said...

I love MAC anything, but I am looking for a new mascara - maybe I'll try define-a-lash...