Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The Good: I don't have to work any overtime today! All of last week and the beginning of this week were crazy hectic at work, but with two big projects out of the way I should be out the door at 5 on the dot! How exciting!

Clancy will actually be home today when I get home from work! Today was his day off, normally he leaves for work between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m., but gets home later than me (basically 12 hour days). Hopefully instead of working his ass off on the house/lawn he put in a little relaxation time in the hammock. But we'll have a few hours tonight to hang out without the stress from work hanging over his head.

I'm going to start painting the house this week/weekend! Yay! I'm so excited to finally put the new colors up on the walls. Clancy said he should have time soon to patch the holes and sand so I can start priming. I can't wait. The previous owners of the house were complete idiots and DESTROYED everything they could get their hands on. Clancy got a great deal on the house and has done a lot to it so far, but it's the fun stuff that's left (picking out paint/decorating) that I'm excited to be a part of :)

The Bad: Traffic on the way home has been hell lately. There is construction going on on the ONLY main highway to my house. They cut traffic down to one lane and it's a bitch. And on top of that I can't stand driving in rush hour. Sometimes I just want to ram my car into the person in front of me to make them move a little faster. It's so hard in a big city to be a defensive driver. Be aggressive or get in the slow lane. That's all there is to it.

My thumb is sore from folding 28,490,348 brochures (ok, I MIGHT be exaggerating a little). AND on top of that I have a paper cut - I swear those are the worst. Damn the small budget we had for this seminar!

The Ugly: My money situation is not what I'd like it to be and it's beginning to stress me out. I finally thought I was catching up with my debt and realized that my dad transferred part of my school loans back to me since I started a better job. Yuck. Not that I don't think I should have to pay them I just forgot he was going to change the address back to mine until I saw the bill in the mail. On top of that the billing date read August 21st at the top but the due date was August 10th. Nice. On top of that the payback amount is the same figure I owe on my new car I bought a few months back, but it'll take twice as long to pay off. Ugh.

Side Note: I'm thinking about switching from Blogger to Wordpress. Any thoughts? Make sure to celebrate Hump Day everyone! :)


Clink said...

I have been very happy switching from Blogger to Wordpress - I highly recommend it!

Have a great night tonight with your boy!

libby said...

when i FIRST blogged way way back it was with blogger. now that i'm back...i chose wordpress and love it. so so much more user friendly, i find.

rachel said...

i really love wordpress... however blogger is totally free, whereas to get the max features in wordpress you have to pay. so thats a little annoying.

since you already have a following on this blog, is it a good idea to switch?

Princess Pointful said...

Ugh. Money problems are the worst. I find these weasel their way right into my brain.

So let's think happy thoughts... what colour are you gonna paint the house?

onebigholiday said...

I'm really glad you will have some free time..but come on, isn't overtime great? yay money!

Switch to wordpress!

Michelle said...

clink- thanks! we had a fabulous night :)

libby- i think i might try switching too. we'll see :)

rach- do you know what features you have to pay for on wordpress? and i wouldn't completely delete this blog. i would just post a blog with the new link.

pp- well i picked a carmel color out for the stairwell and upstairs hallway. and a light blue for the guest bedroom. next will be picking out a color for the office. i'm probably going to try to stick with neutral colors.

obh- hell yes overtime rocks! however so does getting out at 5 :)

molly said...

Switch! You won't regret it.

DG said...

Tonight will be nice to not have to stress and just relax with your guy ;) Oh, and traffic totally sucks.

WSG said...

Wordpress has been far more reliable for me than Blogger was, but I miss being able to play with the CSS (if you want to play with CSS in Wordpress, you have to upgrade to a pay account).

elysa said...

boo for debt its nooo fun.

as for the switch - (the free one) you can't customize your themes without upgrading. But you could get your own domain (like me) and have a hosted version of WordPress and you can customize until your hearts desire.

What's your reason for wanting to switch?