Friday, August 17, 2007

And I Thought Apple Was Bad

I know this is my journal and I should be talking about me, but I had to share this story that I read on Yahoo! yesterday. A Chinese couple announced that they want to name their son the @ symbol! At. And I was giving Katie Holmes and Gwyneth Paltrow shit for their weird baby names. This tops the list by far! I guess the name supposedly means "love him" in Chinese, but when have you ever seen a Chinese symbol that looks like that!?! Right, never.

In the same article they were talking about the U.S. couple that wanted to name their son 4Real (yes with the NUMBER four), but they were officially denied that right by the U.S. government. On the birth certificate there can only be characters - no symbols, numbers, etc. So they went with Superman instead, but will still call him 4Real. Maybe he'll grow up to be a rapper...

This of course got me thinking about what I will name my own children some day. Hopefully the names I choose will spare them from lifelong humiliation. How does Fo' Shizzle sound?

Anybody have any weird baby names to share?


Tina Vaziri said...

That's hilarious! I was at a film contest viewing this week and one of the people that worked on a film there was named Whisper.

DG said...

first time commenter but i read that article yesterday and was shocked and actually sad for that kid should he be actually be given that name. Who are these parents???

libby said...

harry chin.
inga palinga.

no lies. i've heard of such people with such names.

(although mine's - my actual name that is, a little off the beaten track...but not totally unheard of!)

Un Jour... said...

Hello hello!!! Thank you soo much for the comment, its great to finally get one:) Your blog is enjoyable and I hear you on just getting your toes in. I actually picked up a few books at the library..............Blogging for Dummies............brillant book:) I also have had my boyfriend help me design some banners(he is also a graphic designer in the process of finding a job) BUT aside from that how is blogher treating you?? keep in touch and keep on blogging:)

elysa said...

I heard about 4real I blogged about that a while back but I missed the @ baby that's just ODD!