Friday, March 9, 2007

It's 54 Degrees!

Wow. I am loving the weather. 54 degrees! That is so exciting. It might rain this weekend, that sucks a little. But it will still be in the 50s! Big change from the cold temps we had in February that's for sure.

Today's a good day. It definitely started off great ;-). Thank goodness for the weekend. Hopefully I'll get my butt to the gym. Clancy's getting the internet today, yeah! That means I can actually be on the internet in my free time. And I'll probably get to finally sell some stuff on ebay that I've been wanting to do. Freelance is an option too, I could use the extra money.

Hoping to hear some good news today. Keep your fingers crossed for me! If I find out I'll definitely be posting. :-)

p.s. - finally got my shamrock shake today :-)

1 comment:

Rachel @ Grace said...

it almost hit 50 here yesterday - it felt really warm and awesome!!!

and, i got a shamrock shake, and i wanted to kill it. it was so nasty. i wish i would have gotten chocolate! haha. :-)