Tuesday, November 6, 2007

If Love Was Enough

Can't love be enough for you?
Mine is never ending
And when I look at you
There is no pretending

Please say you'll stay
I can't go on another day

I need you near me

-My own words inspired by Graham Colton's music

I thought this would get easier. Day in and day out the pain remains.

"Things I would do just to have you back again, I’d single-handedly prove to you that I can - Fight for you cry for you I’d live and die for you" - you rock BB.


*kb* said...

(((HUGS))) to you Michelle!!!

Jess said...

I still think it will get easier. Seriously, it feels like forever but it has been such a short period of time since it happened. Your words are beautiful.

All Mod Cons said...

Feeling it. I promise, it WILL be ok.

Miss M. said...

beautiful words, michelle. writing down how you feel is a way to release all the hurt. keep it up!

Hope said...

I know. But, it has to get a lot worse until it gets much better.

At least, that's always been my experience. We're all here for you though!

L Sass said...

Keep writing it out... this JUST happened. You don't have to feel better yet. Hang in there.

Ashley said...

Just keep going..it'll get better I promise. It just takes a lot of time and suddenly out of nowhere, you'll find yourself moving on. Keep your chin up!


blogging said...

awwwww hun....


i think you rock, too.

xoxo, bb

tshirtandjeans said...

Graham Colton's older stuff (like 2003 2004 - that's when we were seniors right?) is really really good as well. His voice is incredible.

Another great voice? James Morrison. I definitely recommend him too. "Wonderful World" and "Undiscovered" are my favorites.