Monday, February 12, 2007

What A Wonderful Weekend

Not much to complain about today. Had a great time with Clancy this weekend. Helped redecorate his guest bathroom. I think all the shopping wore him out tho ;-). Made tortellini yesterday which was delicious. We also watched the Extreme Makeover Home Edition that took place in Columbus (Whitehall). The house turned out AMAZING as always. The guy they were helping was a former marine who helped save lives during 9/11. Ty was being overly dramatic this episode for some reason. Or it may have just seemed that way because it was a 2-hour episode. lol. I think if he said how greatful he was that the former marine was there to help on 9/11 one more time Clancy was going to throw something at the tv. Ed, one of the designers, was injured pretty badly that episode. So just imagine between that and all of Ty's emotional blabberings, the show was pretty damn dramatic. They did show the double rainbow though which was pretty great. Clancy and I remembered that day that we saw it here at work, and to see it replayed on tv was neat. We both were saying how we had never seen one before.

Gracie's getting so big. She can jump up on the bed now, which was a feat for her before. Her ears are getting so looong too. But she's still freakin adorable. She can sit now which is pretty impressive. I guess it's easier for the second dog because they pick up on things from the first one. Margot's doing a lot better. Her scrape on her head's healing up. I think she misses Holly though. She's been craving my attention all weekend. But we should be bringing Holly home tomorrow, as long as the weather cooperates. They're calling for freezing rain and sleet though and that would suck to drive in!

Let's pray for warmer weather!

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