Thursday, February 8, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

So I decided that I need to blog more, it really helps to clear my head (especially on days when I'm stuck in this hole of an office with no human contact for hours on end). This blogger site is pretty cool, plus I didn't want to cloud up myspace with all these ramblings. I was going to try Xanga like Rach, but it confuses the hell outta me for some reason. Plus you have to pay to customize it. So anyways...

The temperatures here are getting out of control. The wind chill's been below zero for days on end and I can't take it anymore! I guess I should be greatful that we're not getting the 72 inches of snow that some cities in upstate New York are, but I can't help but complain.

Helped Clancy with some closet organization last night. I have to say my OCD may have come in handy for once. Now his closet's color coordinated by sleeve length and shirt type ;-). Yes, I'm a dork, but he loves me anyway (and I brought apple pie and vanilla ice cream so I'm pretty sure he does). I've been loving the time we get to spend together lately. I laugh - A LOT.

Tonight is all for relaxation and probably a Sex & the City marathon, Season 6 Part 2. Blockbuster's Online Rental Program is fabulous, I'm so glad I switched from Netflix. Stopping there after my workout to switch out my movies, then I'm in for the night. Just me and Margz.

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